about us

 Tutorgram is an e-learning platform that helps learners use their academic skills to tackle complex and real-life challenges. We provide content in Business, Digital Marketing, Engineering, and Technology.

 Our content is related to real-life issues in society including food security, health care, urbanization, housing, manufacturing, and cyber attacks. This prepares our learners to be relevant in the marketplace. These real-life issues are global concerns and Tutorgram, therefore, prepares its learners for the global marketplace.

 Our content is accessible on computers and mobile devices, so it is accessible at the learner`s convenience. We believe education should be market-based and our content is therefore developed out of thorough research on the current and future market trends, making our learners fit for the current and future marketplace.

Our mission

To bridge the gap between education and the market place.

our vision

To be the education and innovation hub of Africa.