AI And Its Applications

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Artificial intelligence -The theory and development of computer systems able to  perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages

An area of computer science that deals with machines ability to seem like they  have human intelligence

The power of a machine to copy intelligent human behavior

It is the study of ideas which enable computers to do the things that make people

seem intelligent.

The central principles of AI include such as reasoning, knowledge, planning,  learning, communication, perception and the ability to move and manipulate objects.


Finance : Banks use artificial intelligence systems to organize operations, invest in  stocks, and manage properties. In August 2001, robots beat humans in a

simulated financial trading competition.

Medicine: A medical clinic can use AI systems to organize bed schedules, make a  staff rotation, and provide medical information. AI has also application in fields of  cardiology (CRG), neurology (MRI), embryology (sonography),complex operations of internal organs etc.

Social Sites: Facebook wants to analyze the way people communicate with one  another so that it can add new features to its services or even automatically remove  offensive posts that might occur when a high-profile celebrity like Angelina Joli posts a selfie.

Robotics: Robots are physical agents that perform tasks by manipulating the  physical world . Robots are manufactured as hardware. The control of robot is  AI (in the form of software agent) that reads data from the sensors decides what to do next and then directs the effectors to act in the physical world.

Heavy Industries : Huge machines involve risk in their manual maintenance  and working. So in becomes necessary part to have an automated AI agent in their operation.

Education: AI researchers have created many tools to solve the most difficult  problems in computer science

the future

Looking at the features and its wide application we may definitely stick to  artificial intelligence. Seeing at the development of AI, is it that the future  world is becoming artificial.

Biological intelligence is fixed, because it is an old, mature paradigm, but  the new paradigm of non-biological computation and intelligence is growing exponentially.

The memory capacity of the human brain is probably of the order of ten  thousand million binary digits. But most of this is probably used in remembering visual impressions, and other comparatively wasteful ways .

Hence we can say that as natural intelligence is limited and volatile too so

world now depend more upon computers for smooth working


Till now we have discussed in brief about Artificial Intelligence. We have  discussed its principles,recent updates, its applications, its achievements etc.

The ultimate goal of institutions and scientists working on AI is to solve  majority of the problems or to achieve the tasks which we humans directly can’t accomplish.

It is for sure that development in this field of computer science will change  the complete scenario of the world now it is the responsibility of creamy layer of engineers to develop this field.