Building A Cyber Security Strategy

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 Cyber-attacks is a major attacks not only to our personal lives but also to our businesses. Many cases of cyber-attacks on businesses have been reported. Financial institutions are losing millions of money due to hacking. Cyber security also causes loss of personal and brand reputation. As a result, individuals and businesses should take necessary cyber security measures to prevent these attacks. Businesses should have a sound cyber security strategy in order to curb these cybercrimes.

How can businesses build an effective cyber security strategy?

 An effective cyber security strategy needs a plan. The following steps will ensure security on our online systems:

i) Bring on board an experienced cyber security team

 A plan needs people to implement it. Therefore, for a cyber security strategy to be achieved, there should be a team with the relevant skills to implement the plan. The team should have a leader mostly referred to as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). The CISO should be given authority, authority and a clear vision of keeping the organization safe from cyber-attacks.

ii) Create a cyber security policy

 There should be a policy in your organization that guides employees on cyber security measures. There should be rules governing the use of social media and technical devices. The employees might be the biggest source of cyber-attacks and they should therefore be guided on safety measure

iii) Invest enough resources in cyber security

 You should invest in new technology and cyber security and new cyber security measures. You should also invest in research to ensure your team is up-to-date with knew cyber-attack techniques.

iv) Stay up-to-date with technology trends

 Technology is changing and this presents more room for cybercrimes. Your organization`s cyber security team should therefore be up-to-date with new technology trends. They should be innovative to come up with more effective ways to curb cybercrimes.

v) Develop training and awareness programs for your employees

 Cyber security is not entirely the responsibility of your cyber security team. It is everyone`s responsibility to take preventive measures. You should create cyber security awareness by providing basic training on cyber security measures within your organization.


Cyber security starts with a plan and then a team to implement the plan. It is therefore important to involve all your employees in your cyber security strategy to ensure safety at all levels in your organization.