Building A Digital Marketing Team

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 For a business to achieve its digital marketing strategy, it needs an effective team in place. You need to identify your digital marketing goals and build a team that has the skills and experience to achieve the goals. Your team should consist of people with different skills that complement each other.

 The following are key positions that should be filled in your digital marketing team:

1) The leader

 This might be a C-suite level executive e.g. Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Director or Vice President of Marketing. He should have excellent leadership skills and experience working in several marketing departments. He should probably have risen through the corporate ladder. His role is to come up with marketing initiatives, creating marketing strategies and working out a plan to implement long term goals.

2) SEO expert

 Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect in your digital marketing strategy. You should have someone fully in charge of SEO. Such a person will help your company website rank high in search engine results.

3) Content writer

 In digital marketing, content is king. In your marketing team, you should have someone in charge of content writing inform of blog posts and articles. This person should have a writing or journalism background and should have knowledge in your field. This person is mostly referred to as editor in chief or content manager. You can outsource other writers to compliment him/her but there should be someone in charge of content creation.

4) Webmaster

 Your company website is an important party of your digital marketing strategy. All your digital marketing channels including social media are meant to generate leads to your website. Your website is like a capital city where all roads lead to. Your social media channels act as roads leading to the capital city. Web development is a continuous process and it is advisable to have an internal web developer rather than outsourcing.

5) Analytics chop

It is important to measure your digital marketing results e.g. how many people visited your website and engaged with your posts. You need a data oriented person to handle analytics. Through this data you will be able to measure results and make improvements.

6) Bonus: Creative Director

 You need a very creative person to come up with new ways to market your brand. This person comes up with new digital marketing ideas like how to improve the website to ensure an interesting user experience. He works with everyone on the team to provide ideas and feedback.


 Great results are achieved when people work in a team. You need to have a good team in place to achieve meaningful digital marketing results.