CAD For Surveying

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The purpose is this study to assess the importance of CAD in surveying. This study indicates how CAD has solved various problems in surveying. Some of the firms in the surveying and construction industry have employed the use of CAD software.


Surveying can be defined as the technique, profession and science of determining the terrestrial or 3-dimensional positions of points, distances and angles between them. Surveyors analyze and record the characteristics of the land area to help design a map or plan for the construction.

CAD refers to computer aided design and drafting. It is a computer technology that is used to create precision drawings or technical illustrations.

Maps and plans that are used in construction works are obtained using CAD software. Land surveyors depend on CAD drafting to design and update maps which highlight mining areas, road construction layouts and property survey maps.

Most surveyors use hand sketched drawings and diagrams when creating their plans and maps. Therefore, the maps are susceptible to errors. Most of the features in these plans and maps are not well highlighted and therefore this could result to errors. The use of CAD in surveying reduces the manual labour during the creation of maps and plans of an area.

Here are some of the advantages of using CAD technology in surveying:

  1. Improved quality of design. The CAD program offers a variety of tools to help designers achieve a more precise design of land. This is because the cad software is able to enhance several features in the design.
  2. Information can be saved easily. Surveyors can save their work that is their maps and plans on the computer rather than having to shuffle through a notebook full of diagrams and drawings. These maps or plans can be printed and shared via email or any other social media platform
  3. Accuracy. Errors made in the design of maps or plans are minimal. Hand sketched drawings are susceptible to errors and can therefore provide inaccurate results.

Here are some examples of plans and maps that have been developed using CAD software.


A case study of two surveying and construction firms was performed. These firms use CAD for the basic design of their maps and plans. These firms include:

  1. Payne land surveying company which is located in the United states of America. It serves Milam county. It is well known for its efficient and admirable survey work. It has a huge client base in the united states. The company has got its own CAD drafting design software which has been improved and enhanced to suit the needs of the clients. CAD has improved the design of the maps and plans of their clients.
  2. The Perth Surveying company also located in the united states specializes in both commercial and residential sectors in surveying. The company is mostly known for its construction surveys. The company has got specialized cad drafting software that is the LISCAD and BRICSCAD drafting software.


CAD plays a very crucial role in surveying. CAD has solved a very major problem in surveying which is the design of maps and plans. Features now can be easily highlighted using CAD software without unnecessary workload.