Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy

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According to research, over 40% of companies do not have do not have a clear digital marketing strategy. 16% of businesses have a marketing strategy which is not implemented.

 Without a clear strategy, you cannot measure growth. With a clear digital marketing strategy, you will get meaningful results, identify mistakes and learn from them. Below are steps to help you come up with a powerful digital marketing strategy that will achieve growth for your business.

1. Set goals and objectives

 Identify specific goals that you want your digital marketing efforts to achieve. For example, your goal might to get 10,000 likes for your Facebook page, or your business to pursue global markets within a specified period of time. Whatever goal it is, it should be realistic and fit to your overall long term plan. You should also review your goals regularly and make necessary adjustments.

2. Reflect on your past and learn from your mistakes

You should analyze your past digital marketing strategy`s successes and failures. This will help you make improvements and avoid repeating mistakes. If you want to make a two year digital marketing plan, it is advisable to reflect on your past two year plan. Reflecting on your past two years will help you identify past mistakes that you can improve on for the next two years. As you implement your plan, keep reviewing it regularly to make necessary adjustments.

3.Keep an eye on your competitor

 Keep an eye on your competitors` marketing strategies. Analyze their strengths and weaknesses and capitalize on them. This will help you understand the trends out there and keep your marketing up to date with them.

4.Understand your audience and speak their language

 You should tell a good story about your product but in the language your audience doesn`t understand. Your message might also fall in the wrong ears i.e. people who it wasn`t meant for.

 As a business owner, don`t allow your planning set you apart from your audience. Understand your users` information like age, gender, location, likes and dislikes. Understand their needs and create a solution. Then make the customers understand the solution you are offering. Marketing is all about convincing your customers that you are the answer to their challenges.

5.Stick to your budget

 Your digital marketing efforts should bring returns to your business. To maximize your results, you need to mobilize the necessary resources including money. However, you should live within your means. The strategy should not be too expensive or too cheap. You should do a digital marketing audit to understand the resources you have at your disposal and the ones you need to allocate to marketing. Your marketing budget will depend on the available resources and the goals you want to achieve. As your business grows, you can review your budget and allocate more resources. Again, these changes will depends with the business needs as it grows bigger.

7.Keep reviewing your plan

 When you create your plan, not every assumption you make will be right. Although you have created a well-constructed plan based on clear projections, you can`t predict the market trends and customers` response. It is therefore necessary to keep measuring results and regularly updating your plan to fit the changing landscape. You can update your plan on monthly, quarterly or annual intervals depending on your business performance.


 Any successful digital marketing needs a plan. A plan will help you set clear goals and measure results. A plan should be made after well thought projections and market research.