Drone Technology For Real Estate

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 With the growing population especially in developing countries, Real Estate is a growing sector with many opportunities. There is a need to develop new houses to accommodate this growing population. Developers have stepped in to fill this gap by developing residential and commercial buildings.

 With the rising population of techies, people have changed the way they look for houses. Unlike in the past when people used to walk over long distances looking for houses, potential clients are turning to the internet to look for vacant houses for rent and sale. It is the high time Real Estate companies change their marketing strategies. Drone Technology offers solutions which have been discussed in the next sessions.



 Digital marketing has closed the wide gap between sellers and buyers. People no longer have to walk over long distances or rely on bill boards to look for houses. They now depend on the internet. Real Estate companies can use drones to take aerial photographs of property and post them on their company websites. Drones can also take videos of house interiors. Clients can therefore take virtual tours of the houses via the company websites at the comfort of their houses using a smartphone or a PC.

2.Property development/construction

 Drones can be used to inspect construction sites. Drones are operated remotely and can therefore be used by developers to inspect construction site without physical presence at the site.

3.Investor pitches

 Real Estate investment opportunities in Kenya have attracted global attention. International investors are investing heavily in the Real Estate sector. Local land owners and investors should pursue global partnerships. They can use videos taken by drones to prepare investor pitches to woo these investors who can view property while in their home countries.


 Drone Technology offers many opportunities in the Real Estate sector. Local investors should capitalize on these opportunities. The education sector has a role to play by providing practical skills in drone technology.

 The government also has a role to play by creating a conducive environment for innovation. The government should also put in place clear regulations governing the commercial use of drones.