Introduction To Digital Marketing

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 Due to the technology revolution and the emergence of social media, businesses have changed the way they communicate with their customers. We now live in a super connected world and thanks to social media, the world is now at the palm of our hands. Businesses can now communicate with their customers at the comfort of a computer or a smart phone. Digital marketing refers to the process by which businesses spread their brand message through digital platforms including social media.

 Digital marketing includes:

i) Social media marketing

 This is the use of social media to market a brand and communicate with clients. Social media includes:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest

 Social media allows two-way communication between a business and its clients. Through social media, organizations can respond to clients` concerns instantly. Through social media, businesses can communicate to a large audience and receive customer feedback.

ii) Email marketing

 Email marketing involves sending commercial messages to a group of people through email. Emails are used to alert customers of a new product, offers or any company news that may be of concern to them. Emails are mostly used to send newsletters and they help build relationships between a business and its clients.

iii) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 SEO refers to the techniques used to ensure a website ranks high on search engine when a keyword related to the website`s product or niche is searched on the search engine.

 For example, if a company produces vegetables, the company`s website will appear when a user searches “vegetables”, “grocery” or any related word.

iv) Content marketing

 This involves creation and sharing of industry related information. This content is not really intended to promote a brand but to share industry knowledge that may be beneficial to the clients, e.g. how to use a product or health benefits of using a certain product. This information is shared in form of videos, blog posts and social media. Content marketing helps a brand position itself as a leader in its industry. It also builds relationships between businesses and clients.


  1. SMS marketing: use of short messages to deliver commercial messages or industry related updates.
  2. Search Engine Marketing: similar to but incorporates SEO. SEM included paid online advertising and Pay-Per-Click (PPC).
  3. Video marketing: use of videos to deliver a message or promote a brand.


Everyone is turning to the internet to look for products and information and it is therefore necessary for every business to have an online presence. Our potential clients are on social media. Businesses should also have a strong social media presence in order to reach out to these clients. Digital marketing has closed the gap between businesses and their potential clients. Brands should therefore seize this opportunity and engage their clients.