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CROSS EXAMINATION: Most lawyers do a good job in their opening statements, direct examinations, and closing argument, but never learn the art of cross-examination. Cross-examination has been called the ultimate test of the litigator's skill. Judges, because of their training and experience, are in a unique position to mentor and guide young ...

10 Rules Of Cross-examination In Criminal Trials

10 rules of cross-examination in criminal trials There are few topics in the law written on as extensively as cross-examination. Cross-examination is to a lawyer as is the breakaway shot is to the hockey player, the Oscar-winning monologue to the actor, or the entrée to a very good meal.

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irving younger's ten tips for cross-examiners.... 1 - be brief. 2 - short questions, plain words. 3 - ask leading questions only. 4 - don't ask a question unless you already know the answer. 5 -...

10 Tips On Conducting A Winning Cross Examination

The first of Wellman's "Golden Rules for the Examination of Witnesses," is: "Except in indifferent matters, never take your eye from that of the witness; this is a channel of communication from mind to mind, the loss which nothing can compensate."

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It is important during direct examination to give the jury a chance to get to know the witness personally. Establish your witness's credibility 9 Id. 10 Id. 11 See James W. McElhaney, The Case Is Falling Apart . . . And Continuity Is the Glue that Keeps Things Together, A.B.A. J. 74, 74 (1998) ("[S]tart using the paragraph method of direct ...

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Focus on a precise and controlled cross where they control the narrative and the order in which facts are presented which allows the witness no leeway. Disjointed cross-examination comes off as scattered and confusing. When you prove some or all of the key elements of your case using the other side's witnesses it's hard to lose.

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Positive Cross - Confirm favorable facts. - Develop new facts that bolster your case. - Watch for "scope" objections. - You can make the witness your own, but will then have to ask non-leading questions. b. Negative Cross - Demonstrate error or confusion. - Witness might be wrong. Lawyers/Vincent Doyle Complete Materials.pdf


10. Save for Summation Save the ultimate point for summation. A prepared, clear and simple leading cross-examination that does not argue the case can best be brought together in final summation. Summarized from The Art of Cross-Examination by Irving Younger. The Section of Litigation Monograph Series, No. 1, published by the American Bar

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examination, and (2) those intended to raise questions about the credibility of the witness. Admissibility of the first kind is governed by ordinary rules of relevancy. The second category is known as "impeachment," and has its own set of rules. The cross-examining attorney is bound by the same rules of evidence as the attorney who ...

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"The rule limiting cross-examination to the precise subject of the direct examination is probably the most frequent rule (except the Opinion rule) leading in the trial practice today to refined and technical quibbles which obstruct the progress of the trial, confuse the jury, and give rise to appeal on technical grounds only. ...

Irving Younger's 10 Commandments Of Cross Examination

Here are the Commandments: Be brief. Short Questions, plain words. Always ask leading questions. Don't ask a question to which you do not already know the answer. Listen to the witnesses' answers. Don't quarrel with the witness. Don't allow a witness to repeat his/her direct testimony. Don't permit a witness to explain his/her answers.

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When an attorney cross examines a witness, the attorney is the one who should be driving the conversation. Do not allow the witness to insert unneeded or damaging information or statement of his or her own. Ask the judge to instruct the witness to only answer the questions that are directed to that witness. Practice the cross examinations.

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Here are ten rules of cross examination that will serve you well: Be brief-ask about only one new fact per question Use short questions and plain, easy to understand words Use leading questions-put words in the witnesses mouth

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- "Do not ask question unless there is a good reason for it" - "Except in cases where your position is so bad that nothing can injure it, and something may improve it, do not splash about and do not ask a question without being fairly certain that the answer will be favourable to you" - "If a witness is manifestly lying, leave him entirely alone.

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Cross-examination Drill 1: Short statements. Find any object that is in your workspace. Have the attorney describe the object, say, a coffee mug. The attorney can only use one new fact per question and needs to use a falling inflection. For the coffee mug, the attorney would say, "You are a cup. A coffee cup. White.

Burying The Ten Commandments Of Cross-Examination

A re-evaluation of Irving Younger's rules reveals the need for modification. A re-evaluation of Irving Younger's rules reveals the need for modification. ... True story: The artist Whistler was under cross-examination in his London libel trial against the art critic John Ruskin, who had written of two of Whistler's Nocturne paintings ...


TEN DO'S OF DIRECT EXAMINATION 1. Prepare Your Witness Thoroughly. The most important time in trial preparation is for the lawyer to spend several hours with any key witness just prior to trial. It will add immeasurably to the case. 2. Use Demonstrative Evidence.

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When a witness makes statements during direct examination that help the other side and hurt yours, on cross you will usually be able to elicit at least one point that helps your side and hurts the other. The more you're able to extract helpful points, the less you want to discredit the witness. Using potentially discrediting

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Rules for Cross Examination During cross-examination, each Party's Advisor is able to ask the other Party and any Witnesses all relevant questions and follow-up questions, including those challenging credibility. The cross-examination must be conducted directly, orally, and in real time by the Party's Advisor and never by a Party personally.

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10.9 The Right to Cross-Examination Download a PDF of Section 10.9 The APA guarantees all parties to a contested case the opportunity to cross-examine: "Every party or agency shall have the right of cross-examination of witnesses who testify, and shall have the right to submit rebuttal evidence."

Cross Examination: A Primer For Trial Advocates

rules for cross-examination cover when not to cross examine, cross-examination in terms of the closing argument, making important points and satisfying objectives early in the examination, not repeating the direct examination, not asking the question if the answer is not known or if it cannot be asked with safety, and not being diverted by …


1 The OAH rules affirm this right 2 and extend it to include the right to call an adverse party for cross-examination as part of a party's case in chief.3 In the case of multiple parties, the sequence of cross-examination is determined by the ALJ.4 While application of the right to cross-examine is a simple matter in the case of

Depositions & Cross Examinations: Best Practices & Strategies

Cross Examination Rules, Strategies and Traps to Avoid. 1. Be Brief. The objective of cross examination of an expert is not to attempt to refute every point the expert has made on direct examination. The objective is to cast significant doubt on the credibility of the expert. This can only be accomplished by addressing the credentials ...

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4. An expert witness should meticulously prepare for cross-examination. This includes studying the file in detail, a mock cross-examination with retaining counsel, and preparing in advance answers to the most likely questions the expert will be asked during cross-examination. The

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10) Save for Summation Larry Pozner, Roger Dodd, Cross‐ examination Science And Techniques • Only Three Rules of Cross Examination 1) Leading Questions Only 2) One New Fact per Question 3) Break Cross‐Examination Into a Series of Logical Progressions to Each Specific Goal Materials/cross examinations.pdf

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Tips for Effective Cross-Examination. Organize. Do not necessarily follow the order of opposing counsel's direct examination of the witness. Use principals of primacy and recency. What the jury hears first and last are most memorable. Utilize the Two Types of Cross-Examination, as Appropriate.

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The constitutional right of an accused to meet the witnesses face to face included in its purpose the opportunity and right to cross-examine all the state 's witnesses, and the widest latitude known to the law is granted in criminal cases, where the life liberty, and property of the accused are exposed to adverse and hostile witnesses."

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As a rule of thumb, your organization of the cross-examination, based on the rules of primacy and recency, should proceed as follows: (1) prioritize your subject matter; that is, rank your points for cross-examination from strongest to weakest; (2) lead with your strongest point; and (3) close with your second strongest point. ...

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well remembered from the 1975 videotape "Basic Concepts in the Law of Evidence." Just as people in the secular world sometimes find it hard to remember the Ten ...

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THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF CROSS-EXAMINATION†. Timothy A. Pratt. I. INTRODUCTION. Much has been written about the “art” of cross- examination. Not all of it, ... Commandments of Cross-Examination copy.pdf

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The 10 Commandments of Cross ExaminationEdit · Be brief. · Short questions, plain words. · Always ask leading questions. · Don't ask a question to w...

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4 nov. 2019 ... The Ten Commandments of Cross-Examination in FINRA Hearings · Be Brief. · Use Plain Words. · Use Only Leading Questions. · Be Prepared (...

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22 nov. 2017 ... Many advocates will have seen Irving Younger's famous film "The Ten Commandments of Cross-Examination". Anyone who invariably followed those ... by Public Defenders/public_defenders_evidence_in_chief_ten_commandments.aspx

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22 mei 2021 ... This article is intended to help everyone from law students to 40 year veteran trial lawyers. We've gathered expert advice from the authors of ...

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Bates at a symposium—“The. Alabama Trial Attorney: Litigation Lessons from Birmingham's Finest”—sponsored by the Cumberland Law Review on November 20, 2015, at ...

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2 jun. 2022 ... Comparison between IBA and Prague Rules on cross-examination ... inferences in case the witness is not available for cross-examination.10.

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The famed ten commandments of cross-examination were hand- ed down on tablets from Mount Justice by renowned law lec- turer Irving Younger. He in turn had ...


What follows is that you must have a detailed knowledge of Case Law,. Legislation and the Practice and Procedures concerning Subpoenas,. Discovery and Notices ...