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The Secret Science Of Solving Crossword Puzzles

You love crossword puzzles, but what do you do when you get stuck on an extra hard clue? Before you throw out the newspaper, try some of these top tips and tricks to make solving y...

Free Themed Crossword Puzzles

Themed crossword puzzles with a human touch. New daily puzzles each and every day! Smart, easy and fun crossword puzzles to get your day started with a smile. Get hints, track time...

Daily Crossword

The best free online crossword is brand new, every day. No pencil or eraser required!

Best Daily Quick Crossword

A free daily crossword that's not too difficult - just right for your coffee break.

The Best Sites For Free Crossword And Word Search Puzzles

Crossword puzzles can be fun, challenging and educational. They’re equally good for kids learning how to spell, for adults wanting to stimulate their mind, or for senior citizens l...

Printable Crossword Puzzles (with Answers) | Reader's Digest

Give these printable crossword puzzles a try and then come back to see how many answers you got correct. Bonus, they help keep your brain sharp! RD.COM Knowledge Brain Games We’ve ...