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Common Questions In Spanish & How To Answer Them

Now, onto our list of Spanish questions and answers for beginners! Table of Contents ¿Cómo te llamas? - "What's your name?" ¿De dónde eres? - "Where are you from?" ¿Hablas español? - "Do you speak Spanish?" ¿Cuánto tiempo llevas estudiando español? - "How long have you been studying Spanish?" ¿Alguna vez has estado en España?

How To Ask And Answer Basic Questions In Spanish

A list of basic Spanish questions ¿ (Tú) eres casada o soltera? Are you married or single? "Tú" is optional. "Eres" is a conjugation for "ser" (to be) ¿ (Usted) está enojada conmigo? Are you angry with me? A formal question with two using the conjugation "está" from "estar" (to be) ¿Tu hermana está ocupada ahorita? Is your sister busy right now?

Spanish Answering Questions - CORE Languages

The verbs SER, ESTAR, TENER, PODER and HACER are often used to make Si/No Spanish questions, so when someone asks using any of these verbs we can reply with SI or NO. Most of the time, we add information besides SI or NO, and more importantly, when we pronounce this type of basic Spanish questions, the intonation should go up in the end.

Asking Questions In Spanish | SpanishDict

In Spanish, asking a question that can be answered sí or no is extremely easy. In written Spanish, all you have to do is frame what you want to ask with question marks ( ¿? ). In spoken Spanish, you simply raise the pitch of your voice at the end of the question. Note the upside-down question mark ( ¿) in front of the questions.

Answer A Question In Spanish | English To Spanish Translation - SpanishDict

1. (general) a. responder a una pregunta I answered a question incorrectly and that's why I didn't get an A. Respondí a una pregunta mal y por eso no saqué un sobresaliente. b. contestar una pregunta The mayor failed to answer a question about his pay raise.El alcalde no contestó una pregunta sobre su aumento de sueldo. a question

Answering Questions - Spanish Translation - Linguee

Whilst that really was unfortunate for the debate, I have tried to stand in for him by. [...] clarifying arguments and answering questions. Aunque su ausencia ha resultado desafortunada de cara al debate, he tratado de sustituirle. [...] aclarand o argumentos y contestando preguntas.

49 Spanish Questions You Need To Know To Speak Like A Native

How to Say "I Have a Question" in Spanish When you need to ask a question, there are a few ways you can lead into it or ask permission. The most straightforward way is Tengo una pregunta ("I have a question"). A few other options are: ¿Puedo hacerte una pregunta? - "Can I ask you a question?"

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Instead, you need to apply a simple, three‐step process to create the Spanish question. 1. Remove the "do" or "does" from the English question. 2. Translate the remaining sentence into Spanish, conjugating the verb to go with the subject. 3. Switch the subject with the verb and add the question marks. Here's an example: Do I need this job?

Asking And Answering Questions In Spanish: Listening Activity

Review the question words in Spanish, and learn how to use them in phrases. Practice with an activity that uses a written dialogue focused on listening. Updated: 08/23/2021

Using The Right Pronoun To Answer A Question - CliffsNotes

To answer these questions, you don't have to change the subject or the verb form. Simply answer yes or no, and put the subject back in front of the verb to make it back into a sentence. If there is a question word, add in the requested information. ¿Baila ella? Sí, ella baila. Does she dance? Yes, she dances. ¿Trabaja María? Sí, María trabaja.

Spanish Questions

Your answers will vary. Answering Questions in Spanish. Now that you know how to ask questions, you'll have to be able to respond if someone asks you one. If your answer is yes, you can say 'Si' -pronounced: ****'see'. And, don't forget to conjugate the verb. ¿Quieres comer hamburguesas? ****Si, quiero comer hamburguesas.

The Definitive Guide To Asking Questions In Spanish

In Spanish, the simplest way to ask a question is by taking an ordinary sentence and changing your intonation at the end. We ask questions in this exact same way in English. Whenever you want to ask a yes/no question, you can simply change your intonation by going up in pitch when you get to the last word of the question. For example:

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In these assessments you'll answer questions that use the following words: Cuanto Como Por que Como Adonde Skills Practiced Defining key concepts - ensure that you can accurately define main words,...

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A Spanish or bilingual answering service can provide accountants with a leg up during tax season. By offering a bilingual answering service for their business, accountants open themselves up to more clients and more business. With Spanish speakers making up a significant number of taxpayers in the U.S., the need for accountants that can ...

Questions In Spanish Grammar - Lingolia

Questions in Spanish grammar are always written between two question marks. Yes-no questions have the word order of a declarative sentence. Open questions have an inverted word order. Indirect questions are a type of subordinate clause. Learn about word order in Spanish questions online with Lingolia. In the free exercises, you can test your knowledge.

How To Ask A Question In Spanish • Spanish With Pedro

First of all, these are the most important question words: ¿Cuándo? When? / ¿Por qué? Why? / ¿Cómo? How? / ¿Dónde? Where? / ¿De dónde? Where… from? / ¿Adónde? Where to? ¿Cuánto? How much? / ¿Cuánta? How much? / ¿Cuántos? How many? / ¿Cuántas? How many? ¿Qué? What? / ¿Quién? Who? / ¿Quiénes? Who? / ¿Para qué? What for? ¿Cuántas veces? How often?

Basic Conversation Questions And Answers In Spanish

In this video you will learn how to ask and answer basic questions in Spanish. You'll be able to sound like a Native Spanish Speaker! If you are an absolute beginner Spanish learner, this video is made for you. Our hosts express themselves in simple Spanish and English.

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How To Ask Questions In Spanish

Learn about the vocabulary, punctuation and word order used in Spanish questions, with sample sentences. English and Spanish questions have two key characteristics in common: They ...