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How To Write A Book Summary

When a teacher asks you to write a book summary, all you need to do is retell the story in your own words as concisely as possible.

Can You Guess The Book By Just The Cover?

Books have existed in various forms for thousands of years. Over the centuries, they have evolved from stone and clay tablets to papyrus scrolls, and finally, paper. Through the ad...

15 Books That Make For The Perfect Beach Read

It's time to head to the beach, sit by the shore, grab a good book and just relax. Here are a few good options.

Should You Be Using Goodreads’ Book Reviews To Choose Your Next Read?

Finding the right fit as a reader can be difficult. Is the social network Goodreads a good way to do it?

Can You Match The Book To Its Cover?

While many readers believe in not judging a book by its cover, there are some who consider it as a major factor when choosing something to devour from the bookshelf. They are aware...

Books That Need To Be Adapted On Screen

It's not easy to adapt books into movies or TV series. But there are plenty of incredible stories out there that deserve to come to life — and we're ready to see it happe...

6 Questions To Ask Before Booking A Holiday Home

Learn the questions to ask before booking your next holiday home to ensure you're picking the right property and getting the best deal.