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2021: February 23 - 24, July 27 - 28. The Virgin Islands Bar Exam is a 2-day Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). Day 1: Six 30-minute Multistate Essay Exam questions (MEE in the AM) and two 90-minute Multistate Performance Test questions (MPT in the PM). Day 2: Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), a 200-question, multiple-choice exam (100 questions in the AM ...

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Applicants must complete the Virgin Islands Law Component (VILC), which is an open-book, 50-item, 90-minute, online multiple-choice test with Virgin Islands-specific study materials available online to review prior to and during the test. This jurisdiction-specific component is given separately from the bar exam.

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Virgin Islands Bar Exam Scores and Grading. A passing score for the UBE in the Virgin Islands is 266/400. Scores of the three tests comprising the UBE are weighted as follows: MBE = 50% of your total UBE score. MEE = 30%. MPT = 20%. *A passing score for the MPRE in the Virgin Islands is 75/150.

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The Office of Bar Admission of the Supreme Court is an administrative arm of the Supreme Court with inherent judicial functions overseeing the examination and admission process relative to the practice of law in the Virgin Islands. The office provides full support to the Committee of Bar Examiners in accordance with the Rules of the Supreme Court.

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For students who will be sitting for the bar exam in the US Virgin Islands, BarMax UBE offers comprehensive prep for the US Virgin Islands Bar Exam. BarMax UBE is the only bar review course that gives you instant and lifetime access to a user friendly program delivered straight to your iPad, iPhone and/or computer.

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Bar Admission Agency Committee of Bar Examiners Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands. P.O. Box 590. St Thomas, VI 00804. Phone: (340) 774-2237. Fax: (340) 777-2258. Email: Visit Website

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Regular Admissions - Attorneys are admitted to the Virgin Islands Bar pursuant to the provisions of Supreme Court Rule 204. This includes applicants seeking admission by exam or by admission on motion. Please note that the information on this site is provided as a service to those interested in admission in the Virgin Islands.

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Bar Admission Agency Committee of Bar Examiners Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands. P.O. Box 590. St Thomas, VI 00804. Phone: (340) 774-2237 Fax: (340) 777-2258 Email: Visit Website

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The MPRE is offered three times per year, typically in March, August, and November. Be sure to register early—the regular registration fee is $135, but the late registration fee is $220. The MPRE is scored on a scale that ranges from 50 to 100. The Virgin Islands requires a minimum-passing MPRE score of 75.

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Exam Location. University of the Virgin Islands - St. Thomas Campus 2 John Brewers Bay St. Thomas, VI 00802-9990. Be sure to review the Committee of Bar Examiners, Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands website thoroughly for Virgin Islands bar exam info, file all paperwork in a timely manner, and follow the instructions carefully.

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Bar Admission Agency Committee of Bar Examiners Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands. P.O. Box 590. St Thomas, VI 00804. Phone: (340) 774-2237. Fax: (340) 777-2258. Email: Visit Website

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That's us dropping our jaw in both shame … and celebration. See, now, we've hit the halfway point of U.S. jurisdictions accepting the Uniform Bar Exam - 28 of 56, which includes: 26 of 50 states (more than half!) Washington, D.C. (more than half of special districts!) The U.S. Virgin Islands (around half of the Caribbean territories!)

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The first bar examination in what is now the United States was administered in oral form in the Delaware Colony in 1783. From the late 18th to the late 19th centuries, bar examinations were generally oral and administered after a period of study under a lawyer or judge (a practice called "reading the law").The trend in the 19th century was toward more casual examinations and options for ...

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4) My study materials were ordered from Cameil Rainford Brusch. She does have the only Bar Review Manual for the Virgin Islands that I know of and I thought her books were extremely thorough. The website is Additionally, I heard from others taking the exam that she did take phone calls and e-mails for any questions.

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The Virgin Islands Bar Association has presented a wide-ranging draft resolution to the American Bar Association urging its House of Delegates in their meeting next week to. temporarily cancel in-person administrations of the bar examination and to not administer any other in-person bar examination during the COVID-19 pandemic until and unless public health authorities determine that the ...

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