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5+ Great Ways To Answer "What Is Your Greatest Weakness?"

5+ "What Is Your Greatest Weakness?" Answer Samples #1. Lack of experience This one's usually a very good answer if you're a recent university graduate or if you're switching careers. For example, let's say you're a recent college graduate applying for a job as a graphic designer.

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Here are examples of how you might answer "What is your greatest weakness?" and why they work. List of Weaknesses for Job Interview Lack of Patience Lack of Organization Trouble with Delegation Timidity Lack of Tactfulness Fear of Public Speaking Weak Data Analysis Skills Indecisiveness Harsh Self-Criticism Micromanaging Talkative

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Here are a few examples of the best weaknesses to mention in an interview: 1. I focus too much on the details Being detail-oriented is typically a good thing, but if you're someone who tends to spend too much time on the specifics of a project, it could also be considered a weakness.

How To Answer: "What Are Your Weaknesses?" In An Interview

Insecurity. Lack of experience (for entry-level job). Not creative enough. Struggle to ask for help. Competitive. Lack of confidence. Unable to multi-task / Multi-tasking too much. Taking criticism too personally. Time management. Poor writing skills. Lack of computer skills. Taking on too many projects at once.

How To Answer "What Is Your Greatest Weakness?"

Why It Works: The candidate is mentioning a weakness and showing how he solved the problem. Example Answer #2 When I'm working on a project, I don't just want to meet deadlines. Rather, I prefer to complete the project well ahead of its due date.

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What are your weaknesses? Answer #6 "I default to believing that I can solve any problem on my own. This works well in some situations, but in many cases, I need the help of others to overcome factors beyond my control. In one instance last year, I was spearheading a client event that had a lot of moving parts.

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A good answer highlights you're mindful of the weakness, and capable of preventing it from hindering productivity. Sample answer: "I have a strong attention to detail. This can turn into a tendency for perfectionism, which makes time management difficult. In the past, I've found that this is my greatest strength and greatest weakness.

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The best strategy for answering this interview question is to answer with weaknesses that can also be considered strengths. Or another way to phrase it is to use a weakness that can be easily controlled or utilized in certain situations. Consider this a "good weakness." This format is more common for hiring managers to hear.

6 Great Answers To The "What Are Your Weaknesses?" In An Interview

Top 6 weaknesses declared in interviews. Finding it hard to ask for help. Lack of confidence in self. Pay too much attention to detail. Find keeping a work/life balance hard. Get stressed if do not hit deadlines. Struggle to say no to people.

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12 Example Answers to 'What Are Your Weaknesses?' 1. I am not very good with technology This is a good answer for those who are not interviewing for jobs that require proficiency with technology and systems. You certainly wouldn't want to give this answer if you're interviewing for a job as a software engineer.

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Example weakness 1: self-critical "I can be too critical of myself. A pattern I've noticed throughout my career is that I often feel I could have done more, even if objectively, I've done well. Earlier in my career, this led to burnout and negative self-talk.

What Is Your Weaknesses - Best Answer For Job Interviews

The best answers to "what are your weaknesses" should communicate two things: Your weaknesses are consequences of being great at something else You are aware of your weaknesses and work to address them If you cover those two items, your application will be stronger after you answer the "what is your weakness" question!

How To Answer: What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

What are good weaknesses for a job interview? Self-criticism. Shyness. Lack of knowledge of particular software. Public speaking. Taking criticism. Lack of experience. Inability to delegate. Lack of confidence. What are some common strengths and weaknesses? Common strengths include leadership, communication, or writing skills.

The Best Way To Answer "What's Your Greatest Weakness?"

OK, that's great, you're thinking, but what do I actually say? To help you out, I've rounded up the most common, cliché, and fake-sounding "biggest weaknesses," along with some suggestions for what to say instead. 1. Instead of "Perfectionism," Say… "I tend to get caught up in the little details, which can distract me from the ultimate goal."

The Best Way To Answer What Is Your Weakness Questions Well

Make sure to frame the weakness as a "skill you want to improve on" rather than a "failure" or "problem". Using a progressive attitude will make you seem more positive and engaged. Key Takeaways Be specific and honest. Discussing a real weakness is much easier than having to come up with fake responses. Be prepared.

How To Answer 'What Is Your Biggest Weakness?' In An Interview

Show your initiative and growth mindset by breaking down the precise actions you are taking to overcome your weaknesses. Get specific! 3. Tie your answer to the prospective employer and role. Now ...

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Yes, You Do Have a Real Weakness The absolute worst answer to this question is one of these: I'm a perfectionist. OR I work too hard. That shows a complete lack of self-awareness, an incredible ego, or dishonesty. You may have only one weakness — if you are very lucky (or delusional or not paying attention) — but you do have a weakness.

What Are Your Weaknesses? 10 Best Answers To The Question

All there's left to do now is to win over the hiring manager in the face-to-face interview. As a well-informed candidate, you're doing your research on the company and preparing your answers ...

What Are Your Weaknesses: Job Interview Answer Examples

Numbers help reinforce the impact that your action had. Let's use an example of a weakness for the Server candidate that matches our job offer. Remember this is only part of a good answer for the what are your weaknesses question. Situation - My greatest weakness is that I talk too much. I am a blabbermouth.

What's A Great Answer To The Question "what's Your Biggest Weakness?"

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Quick Answer: What Are Your Weaknesses And Strengths

What is your weakness best answer? How to answer What are your greatest weaknesses? Choose a weakness that will not prevent you from succeeding in the role. Be honest and choose a real weakness. Provide an example of how you've worked to improve upon your weakness or learn a new skill to combat the issue.

How To Answer "What Is Your Greatest Weakness?" With Sample Answers

5. Answer honestly with a genuine weakness. 6. Discuss how you are working on your weakness. "What is your greatest weakness" answer samples. When you lack a required skill. When you have a personality flaw that affects your work. When you have a common flaw that doesn't impact your work.

What Are Your Weaknesses? (7 Profound Answers)

Be free to say your answers but be mindful of the position you are applying for. 3. Whether you are improving or seek to improve: Hiring managers are always pleased with those that give answers that they are trying to work on their weaknesses. So you should find a way to work on your weaknesses and improve them. How to Answer What are Your ...

Best Way To Answer "what Is Your Greatest Weakness"?

"What is your greatest weakness?" asks the interviewer. You think to yourself… "Weakness? Psh. I am good at everything. My weakness is that I work TOO hard!" Don't be that guy. Everyone has things they are not good at. The worst things you can do when answering "what is your greatest weakness?" is to:

How To Answer "What Is Your Greatest Weakness?" Like A Pro

Striking the right balance between confidence and grace is the best tone to adopt in your interview. Practicing, rehearsing, and setting up mock interviews will help you iron out any wrinkles in your demeanor and tone. 5. Openly talking about my weakness makes me feel vulnerable.

"What Is Your Weakness?" Job Interview Question Answer

With former CEO. The best answer to the job interview question "What Is Your Weakness?" Hiring and employment principles, and the recruiter's perspective....

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The Best What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses Answers. My greatest weakness is that I am a shy and nervous person by nature.The result is that I have a difficult time speaking up in groups. Even if I have good ideas, I have trouble asserting them.

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What is your weakness best answer? The Best What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses Answers. My greatest weakness is that I am a shy and nervous person by nature. The result is that I have a difficult time speaking up in groups. Even if I have good ideas, I have trouble asserting them.

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How To Answer 'What Are Your Weaknesses' In An Interview

When answering the interview question, "what are your weaknesses?" avoid citing a skill that's key to the job, or using a cliche like "I'm a perfectionist." Among the most popular ...

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There are many mixed messages out there about how to handle this question. A common interview question candidates expect and often prepare for is: "What's your greatest weakness?" ...