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Debate / Cross Examination (Policy) - Lake Travis ISD

Policy Debate generally involves the proposal of a plan or advocacy by the affirmative team, while the negative team offers reasons to reject that affirmative ...

CX/Policy | Debate -

During the cross-examination period, it is generally expected that only the examiner may ask questions, and only the speaker may answer them. Typically, no ...


CROSS EXAMINATION-STYLE DEBATE. The major group project in BIOL 411 (Senior Capstone) will be a series of in-class debates on topics to be.

Tips For Effective Cross-Examination - Gentry Locke Attorneys

1 okt. 2006 ... Tips for Effective Cross-Examination · Framing your Questions. Your questions should be tight and limited to one fact per question. The more ...

Asking (and Answering) Questions (HS Novice)

Asking (and Answering) Cross-Examination Questions ; Ask questions that strengthen the arguments you're going to make later in the round. Ask specific questions ...

Lincoln-Douglas (LD) Debate Cross Examinations (CX)

Each cross-examination is 3 minutes long. Tips. First, recognize there are three different types of questions: clarification, perceptual, and strategic.

Next-Level Cross Examination, Part 1 | Ethos Debate, LLC

1 feb. 2019 ... One way great debaters set themselves apart is in their use of cross-examination time. In this post, I'll share some tips for how you can take ...

HISD-Houston Urban Debate League

Cross Examination Debate. 15. Speeches and Time Limits ... Rules at the HUDL City Championship may differ from those presented in this rulebook. Rules.pdf

Rules And Guidelines On Debate Competition - SlideShare

Tips on Interpellation and Rebuttal CROSS EXAMINATION A. The cross-examination period of a debate is a time when the person who is not going to speak next ...