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DELF-DALF - French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF)

Related Exams for Kids & Teens DELF Prim (ages 8-12) DELF Juniors (ages 13+) ... Exam Dates: Jun 13-17, 2022 Registration Opens: May 2, 2022 Registration Deadline: May 27, 2022. Exam Dates: Dec 5-9, 2022 Registration Opens: Oct 24, 2022 Registration Deadline: Nov 18, 2022. EXAM: DATE:

Registration To DELF-DALF Exams

Registration to DELF-DALF exams To register to the DELF-DALF exams, the first thing to do is to get in touch with an accredited examination center. Worldwide, there are more than 1 000 examination centers in 164 countries. So, wherever you are, you will easily find an examination center.

DELF/DALF Registration Procedure 2022 | Alliance Francaise De Pune

DELF/DALF Registration Procedure 2022 REGISTRATION PROCEDURE OPEN FOR ALL LEVELS + INTERNAL & EXTERNAL CANDIDATES IN-PERSON REGISTRATIONS Registration forms shall be provided to you in our office. Please note that registrations are on a first-come-first-serve basis and are subject to availability of seats.

French Exam Dates DELF DALF 2022 | The Classe Française

FEBRUARY 2022 Exams Test dates Registration deadline Registration DELF B1 Written test on February 17, 2022 Oral test on February 8, 2022 7… French classes. Online Classes. DELF & DALF preparation. Classes in Companies. Classes in Madrid. Edit. Online Classes Adults.

DELF & DALF - Alliance Française Washington DC (AFDC)

2022 DELF/DALF Sessions at AFDC. ... For exam centers outside of DC, please consult the list of exam centers by clicking here. DELF/DALF tout public (Ages 18+) Registration: Level: Date: Written exam times: Oral exam times: Fee: A1: $135: A2: $145: B1: $155: B2: $190: C1: $245: C2: $245


There are various DELF DALF exams depending on the student age (child, teen or adult),level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and requirement (academic or business).

DELF/ DALF Exam Calendar - Alliance Française De Delhi

Registration deadline: Tuesday 31st August 2022 Information about the Exam DELF/DALF Exams is only valid for candidates above 17 years of age. The age will be considered on the basis of the registration date. Documents to be carried on the day of the examination Passport/ Aadhar Card/ Driving licence/ Voter ID

DELF/DALF | Alliance Française De Dallas

Residents of the states of Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma are given priority to DELF-DALF enrollments (candidates will be asked for a proof of residency). To be fully register for the exam, you will need to complete your payment and fill the proper registration form Test Schedule for DELF/DALF - Tout Public / All Audience (Age: 18 and up)

DELF/DALF Exams - Alliance Française De Delhi

DELF/DALF September 2022 registration starts on 12th August 2022 (9:00 AM onwards).-DELF June 2022 and DELF Junior Exam April 2022 result available online. DELF/DALF March 2022 Diploma can be collected from the AFD Front-Desk from 2nd July 2022. -Apply for Student ID for current Summer Session 2022 students here. -AFD Library Workshop July ...

DELF-DALF Registration 2022 - Alliance Française De Bhopal

DELF-DALF Registration 2022 tweet What is DELF/DALF? DELF - (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française) If you wish to register for DELF , you have can do it through : 01 - ONLINE REGISTRATION Online registration allows you, after reviewing the CALENDAR of the session (P.6), to fill the form, upload your ID, and pay your fee.

» DELF/DALF - Alliance Française Nigeria

UPCOMING EXAMS - DELF PRIM 2022. EXAM DATES: REGISTRATION DATES: May - 30/31: March 1 st to May 14 th: UPCOMING EXAMS - DELF JUNIOR 2022. EXAM DATES: REGISTRATION DATES: March - 16/17/18: February 1 st to March 2nd: ... There shall be no postponement or refund once registration of any exams is over. If candidate is unable to present ...

Examination Dates | DELF DALF

However, each examination centre is free to participate in these sessions or not. To register, please contact the examination centre closest to you, they will confirm that it offers the session that you would like to attend. (If it does not, contact another centre or choose another session) Click here for centre contact information. 2022 Calendar


How to register? SESSION 3 - Registration: from August 30 to October 7, 2022 New! Before registering, evaluate your French skills with Evalang. Evalang is designed to automatically determine your proficiency level using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) chart, from A1 to C2.

Registration | Alliance Française De Bombay

Registration Dates : The registrations for the June 2022 Session of the DELF-DALF Examinations will start after midnight on May 15, 2022 (the midnight between May 15, 2022 and May 16, 2022) for ALL Candidates (Internal and External) on a first-come first-serve basis.

DELF DALF Sessions Calendar & Rates 2022 - Alliance Francaise India

The above tariffs are inclusive of GST @18% and are applicable from 1st January 2022 to 31st December 2022 for all the versions of the DELF (TP, Junior, Prim) and DALF and are subject to revision following any modification in applicable taxes. All levels and all versions of the DELF DALF Exams may not be offered at every session.

DELF/DALF | Alliance Française Ahmedabad

Upcoming Exams: June 2022 Session. DELF-DALF Tout Public (TP) Only Registrations for DELF Tout Public : from 12 May to 26 May 2022. ... June 2022 Session Registration open only via email at [email protected] from 28 Apr to 27 May Exam Date : Friday 24 June 2022. July 2022 Session

DELF & DALF — Alliance Française De Karachi

DELF B1: Wednesday 16th November 2022 - 9,500 Rs DELF B2: Thursday 17th November 2022 - 11,000 Rs DALF C1: Friday 18th November 2022 - 13,000 Rs DALF C2: Saturday 19th November 2022 - 15,000 Rs . Junior Registration deadline : Friday 10th June 2022. DELF A1: Monday 21st November 2022 - 7,000 Rs DELF A2: Tuesday 22nd November 2022 - 7,500 Rs ...

DELF-DALF – French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF)

Exam Schedule: All Audiences. Exam Dates: Jun 13–17, 2022. Registration Opens: May 2, 2022. Registration Deadline: May 27, ...

DELF DALF Tout Public - Alliance Française De Normandie

14th to 19th February 2022, 14th January 2022 ; 21th to 26th March 2022, 18th February 2022 ; 16th to 21th May 2022, 15th April 2022 ; 20th to 25th June 2022, 20th ...

DELF/DALF - Alliance Française Nigeria

UPCOMING EXAMS – DELF JUNIOR 2022 ; EXAM DATES, REGISTRATION DATES ; March – 16/17/18, February 1st to March 2nd ; June – 1/2/3, March 1st to May 14 ; November – 22 ...

French Proficiency Test | 2022 DELF & DALF Exams In India

DELF / DALF Exam Dates in 2022 ; April 2022 (DELF Prim), 18/04: A1.1, 19/04: A2, 20/04: A1. 18th January to 7th February 2022 ; June 2022 (Tout Public), 13/06: A1 ...

DELF & DALF Examination - Alliance Francaise Vancouver

DELF & DALF (Adults) · Price: from $125 · Next Session: from November 7 to 11, 2022 · Registration dates: from September 27 (12PM) to October 25, 2022 (12P...

Delf Dalf 2022 Calendar Session - Alliance Française Silicon Valley

Alliance Française Silicon Valley is not an exam center, nevertheless, we can prepare you to take the test. Next session & registration dates. 2022 SESSION.

Registration - DELF-DALF Exams - Simon Fraser University

The dates and times of the individual exams will be communicated one week prior to the week of DELF-DALF exams taking place from November 8 to 12, 2022.

Tous Publics | Institut Français Du Royaume-Uni

Please note that oral exams may be held on two different dates at short notice. ... DELF A1 DELF A2 DELF B1 DELF B2 DALF C1 DALF C2 Fees DELF Unit A1 £80 ...

Exam Registration

Register to take an exam and assess your French level for immigration purposes, studies, work, or other reasons... ... DELF A1 - 12/05/2022. exams.