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Firefighter Math Test Preparation & Sample Questions - 2022

The firefighter math test is a written test made up of multiple-choice questions. Calculators are not allowed, but test-takers may use a pencil and paper to perform calculations if needed. Test questions cover the following skills: Basic functions: addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Fractions, ratios, decimals, and percentages.

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I hate math!! That's ok, so do we, and we have good news; we have an entire video training series on how to tackle the math section. Here's what you can expect to see on the firefighter math test…. Basic Geometry - On just about every exam you'll get questions pertaining to some kind of geometry. Whether it be asking you about area ...

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The firefighter math test, also known as the mathematical computation test, is one part of the firefighter written test. It is designed to assess the basic math knowledge, problem solving, and numerical reasoning skills vital to the firefighter position. The mathematical skills required in this section of the exam are: Simple drawings of ...

Fire Fighter Basic Mathematics Exam And Question Examples

9. If a fire apparatus bay is 56 feet long and the fire apparatus is 38 feet long, how many feet is left over in the bay? 10. Find the average number from the following numbers. 13, 33, 2, 10, 3. This is a sample test only. Answers and rationales are provided for all 1600 questions with our paid exam preparation.

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Correct answer: 3/5. To convert a decimal to a fraction, use the decimal places as your denominator, in this case 2, so in 0.27, '7' is in the 100th place, so the fraction is 27/100, and 0.33 becomes 33/100. Next, quickly estimate the answer to eliminate obvious wrong choices. 27/100 is about a quarter, and 33/100 is about a third.

Firefighter Math Test Practice: 7 Tips And Tricks

The 7 tips and tricks for your firefighter math test are: 1) Focus on the math relevant to your exam. 2) Know the rules of the exam. 3) Take a Practice Test to Find Math Weaknesses. 4) Hire a Tutor. 5) Take a College Course for Preparation. 6) Talk to People Who Know.

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The Firefighter's Exam Ebook includes ACTUAL PRACTICE EXAMS with Over 400 questions. The Firefighter's Digital Manual includes, question and answer choices taken from actual fire service exams. They will help you prepare for the real thing. Also, included are special fire service grammar and math aptitude tests.

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WELCOME. This self-paced math course refreshers firefighters' knowledge of basic math concepts and tools necessary for making math calculations in the field. Topics include calculating tank volumes and flow rates, determining pump pressure and friction loss, understanding maps and location coordinates, and estimating slope.

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To find the average psi loss per minute, you must calculate the total amount of psi loss: 360 - 210 = 150 psi. Then, determine the length of time: 12:30 - 1:10 = 40 minutes. Next, divide the psi total by the number of minutes. 150 ÷ 40 = 3.75. Choice D is correct. 30% of firefighters in a mid-sized town are women.

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2022 Municipal Firefighter Exam & Career Information Session Springfield Campus, Classroom 119 , 100 Grochmal Avenue, Indian Orchard, MA 01151. 07/30/2022: 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. 2022 Municipal Firefighter Exam & Career Information Session Bridgewater Campus, Classroom 135, 911 Conant Street, Bridgewater, MA 02324. 08/03/2022: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Firefighter Aptitude Entrance Exam. The firefighter aptitude test is a written tes t that covers a variety of subjects. It generally includes up to 150 questions and takes up to 2.5 hours to complete. Questions are in multiple-choice and true/false formats. Test sections include the following.

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The firefighter's exam paper is divided into two portions by the type of questions. The exam paper is of moderate difficulty and a person with a high school degree can crack it with relative ease. The first part of the test is devised to assess the candidates in basic mathematics, reasoning, and reading comprehension.

Firefighter Maths Test: Free Practice Questions & Tips - 2022

Firefighter Maths Test: Free Practice Questions & Tips - 2022. Firefighters use basic maths skills every day on the job. They need to be able to calculate information such as the length of hose required to fight a fire, the volume of water remaining in a tank, or whether a ladder will be tall enough to reach a high window.

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The written exam usually contains between 100 and 200 questions and candidates have 2 to 2.5 hours to complete it. Some fire stations consider 70% a passing grade, while others require 80%. The question formats are multiple choice and true or false. There are up to 9 sections on the exam, usually divided into two parts.

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The Firefighter Exam deals with skill sets ranging from math to personality assessment. It consists of multiple examinations, which are part of a multi-tiered hiring process designed to find the "best of the best" applicants, whom fire departments find ready and qualified to enroll and train to become a firefighter in a fire fighting academies.

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Try a free FST, NFSI or general Firefighter practice test with 20 questions. The tests include explanations to all questions, user statistics and a detailed score report. If you like what you see, consider buying full access to the test preparation software and all the features it includes. FST Practice Tets. - Free, Practice Firefighter Exam

Firefighter Exam. Check the sections to include in your exam: Emergency Medical Care (25 questions) Fire Science Basics (15 questions) Mathematics (20 questions) On-The-Job Scenarios (15 questions) Recommended Firefighter Exam Practice Material: Firefighter Exam For Dummies. Essentials of Fire Fighting and Fire Department Operations.

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The Firefighter Exam Note that math is part of the firefighting life even before you officially become a firefighter. As part of the selection process, candidates must take a civil service examination (commonly referred to as the firefighter exam.) And, contrary to popular belief, the exam does not require any specialized knowledge on ...

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National Firefighter Selection Test (NFST). Applicants are urged to read this study guide thoroughly. People who take the time to familiarize themselves with the test's ... questions, you may want to brush up on your math skills prior to the actual test date. There are resources in local libraries, bookstores, and on the Internet that can help

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2014 Firefighter Exam Candidate Preparation Guide Mass Author: Subject: 2014 Firefighter Exam Candidate Preparation Guide Mass Keywords: 2014, firefighter, exam, candidate, preparation, guide, mass Created Date: 8/1/2022 10:23:52 PM

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