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Ideas For Oral French Exams - The Classroom

Choose an aspect of French culture to highlight for your oral exam. For example, you could explain the significance of the French independence holiday, Bastille Day. You could focus on food, such as by explaining the significance of wine making to the French culture.

5 Fundamental Skills For Acing Your French Oral Exam

5 Fundamental Skills for Acing Your French Oral Exam 1. Auditory Comprehension Answer the right questions. Tune up your ears with authentic resources. 2. Pronunciation Watch your mouth! Practice your pucker with these resources. 3. Foundation of Essential Words Master the French Inquisition with this question word chart.

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Students could use the digital tool Audacity to record and reflect on their French conversational skills. Choose from the following topics Se présenter Parler de soi L'endroit où j'habite Mon école Mes passe-temps Projets d'avenir Apprendre une langue Échange Scolaire en France A general set of criteria to assess oral competence include: Vocabulary

PDF Top 55 IGCSE In French Oral Exam Questions

Top 55 IGCSE In French Oral Exam Questions Home life & School routine (A1 & A2) 1. Fais une description de ton école. 2. Parle moi de ta routine scolaire. 3. Quelles sont les matières que tu aimes/n'aimes pas ? Pourquoi ? 4. Qu'est-ce que tu portes à l'école ? CIE IGCSE IN FRENCH

Tips For Taking French Oral Exams And Confessions Of An Examiner

Oral exams in French, or in any subject, can be quite intense, but also quite interesting. They are unique in that they involve interacting with another person in real time. Even if you initially feel certain qualms about taking one, an oral exam may reveal to you newfound capacities for communication.

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6 Cards in this Set. Qu'est-ce que vous avez fait pendant le week-end dernier? Le week-end dernier? J'étudiais, bien sûr! J'étudiais le français, les mathématiques et l'informatique. Je faisais un peu de travail comme un server le dimanche aussi, et on m'est payés ciqueante dollars. Qu'est-ce qu'on peut faire pendant un séjour linguistique?

PDF French Oral | Guide - Microsoft

French Oral |Guide2 Exam Tips 1. Always greet the examiner warmly: Bonjour Monsieur / Madame, it helps to break the ice and put you at ease before you begin. 2. Remember all questions will be phrased in the Vous窶・form. 3. Avoid monosyllabic answers (Oui / Non)as these lead directly to another question or topic. 4.

French Speaking Questions For GCSE Practice

TOPIC 1: Me, my family and friends 1.Quelle est ta personnalité? 2.Décris ton/ta meilleur (e) ami (e) 3.C'est quoi un bon ami, pour toi? 4.Parle-moi de ta famille 5.Tu t'entends bien avec ta famille, pourquoi? 6.Qu'est-ce que tu vas faire ce soir / ce weekend avec tes amis / ta famille?

Ideas For A2 French Oral Topic - The Student Room

My exam board's (EdExcel) oral exam is a 10 minute interpreting test. It sounds easy; but it's not. Just consists of someone who supposedly speaks just English, and someone who supposedly just speaks French (your teacher), and they are having a conversation with one another, but you must interpret for them.

Leaving Cert French Oral 2021/22~What To Expect

November 3, 2020. Leaving Cert French Oral 2021 (and 2022) Watch on. admin. Leaving Cert French Oral 2021 'Covid-19 et La Pandemie'.

DELF B1 Production Orale - French Faster

DELF B1 Production Orale.Exemple, Exemples, Exercices, Examen, Examenes.Oral Speaking Sample, Sample, Example, Examples for DELF B1 exam.PDF Download. Online French Language School providing French classes, courses and lessons with a private native French tutor since 2005

PDF Suggested Questions For Edexcel IGCSE In French Oral Exam

Topic area A: Home and Abroad Introduction The 4FR0 Edexcel IGCSE in French exam has an oral component which as-sess your ability to communicate in speech, showing knowledge of a range and variety of vocabulary, and applying the grammar and structures of the target language (French). The speaking exam is divided into sections A and B.

French Leaving Cert Oral Exam - Part 1 - French Notes Tips

As a former oral examiner, I would suggest that you cover the main themes first, as these themes are almost always asked: Myself & My Family Am I the youngest, the eldest, the middle child? What responsibilities do I have at home? Do I help with the housework? What household jobs do I do? Where I live, my area, my house. My Friends and my Pastimes.

French Oral 2021 - Ace Your French Leaving Cert Oral Exam!

20 Oral Questions about the future: "L'AVENIR" For each topic, you will get both the MP3 and PDF downloads.

Government Of Canada French Oral Proficiency Guide

Part 3: This part is around 15 minutes. It is the most important part, in order to get your level B. The candidate is given 90 seconds to take notes before explaining in detail a situation, an experience, or a project related to his work. After which there will be a series of follow-up questions.

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Oral Exams The Oral exam is a significant part of the Leaving Certificate French programme - these links will help teachers give pointers to students when preparing to speak en français at the Oral. Tips for the Oral Mind Maps for Topics Speaking What should you do to prepare for the exam? What things should I look to do? French Oral Leaving Cert

IGCSE French Topics

Here's a list of IGCSE French Topics for Oral (Speaking), Reading and Writing for both AQA and EDEXCEL. School and friends Me and my family Free time and hobbies The world of work My environment and French speaking countries Places in town Past holidays Media and communication Healthy living Transport Click Here to BOOK A FREE TRIAL LESSON

French Oral Exam - Possible Questions - IB Survival

Like let's say if she/he asks, 'do you think there will be world peace?', you can say 'i don't know but hopefully there will be since blah blah blah'. That's what we were taught in our french class. I hope i made sense and helped best of luck in your oral. Edited December 22, 2011 by kim luffy.

French Conversation Lessons (50+ 1-On-1 Lesson Topics)

I have created over 50 lessons (keep reading on page) written around specific topics such as family, travel and food. Each topic has about 25+ questions. During the lessons the teacher (myself!) and the student take turns both asking and answering the questions. I take down notes for both vocabulary suggestions and grammar corrections while the ...

DELF B1-B2 Production Orale: Practice Tip To Improve ... -

It is basically a french audio magazine. it provides short audio clips of roughly 7-10 minutes, looking at different topics from politics to environment. This is great as it is the type of subjects that you will come across in your french exam. It is completed with a transcript in french and it's english translation, side by side.

IB French Exam - What To Expect And How To Pass It

What does the IB French exam cover? The language B syllabus is organised into 5 prescribed themes: Identities Health and lifestyle Personal expression How do language and culture form our identity? Experiences How does our past shape us? What cultural experiences have affected our world view? How does travel broaden our experience? Human Ingenuity

French Oral - Scoilnet

Students could use the digital tool Audacity to record and reflect on their French conversational skills. Choose from the following topics Se présenter Parler de soi L'endroit où j'habite Mon école Mes passe-temps Projets d'avenir Apprendre une langue Échange Scolaire en France A general set of criteria to assess oral competence include: Vocabulary

French DELF A1 A2 Speaking Exam Test Practice Top 30 ... - YouTube

French DELF A1 A2 Speaking Exam Test Practice Top 30 Questions Préparation DELF A1 orale. In this video you will find an example of top 30 questions for delf...

Essential Topics For DELF A1 / A2 Exams - SOFI64

La famille —> You must be able to introduce your family. Les vêtements —> It is necessary to know how to use the vocabulary of clothes and make purchases. L'alimentation —> You must be able to shop, talk about your food preferences, order from a restaurant. Next week, we will propose the essential themes for DELF B1 and DELF B2.

Part 4 Leaving Cert French Oral Exam | Vocabulary Focus

In the French Leaving Cert Oral Exam…..You will need to take a note of the following…. Have the ability to talk with ease, about your daily life and the world of young people. Consider difficult social topics & abstract reasoning. Willing and able to express personal opinion. Ability to use various idiomatic and elegant expressions.

PDF C A R I B B E A N E X A M I N A T I O N S C O U N C I L Instructions ...

1. The entire examination including greetings, instructions etc. should be conducted in the foreign language. 2. Before formally beginning the examination try to put each candidate at ease with one or two simple questions/comments. Be careful not to say too much at this stage. 3. The examination is to be conducted in the specified order - situa-

DELF A2 Production Orale: How To Describe A Film In French - French Exam

In the production orale section of your DELF A2 exam, you may be asked to talk what is your favourite movie, or to talk about a film you watched and to describe what it was about. This falls under Production Orale MONOLOGUE SUIVI (2e partie). Here you will be asked 2 to 3 questions on a particular topic, in this case, cinema.

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Here is a list of questions for the conversation – pick the topics you want to talk about and prepare answers to the questions. You will not know exactly ...

French Oral Exam Questions/Answers Foreign Language Flashcards

French Oral Exam Questions/answers. by danielbil, Nov. 2014. Subjects: French, Semester 2, 2014.

Tips For Taking French Oral Exams And Confessions Of An Examiner

2 jan. 2020 ... The format for an oral exam is for an examiner to ask students questions, which they answer in the target language. The content of the questions ...

Ideas For Oral French Exams - The Classroom

26 sep. 2017 ... Current Events. Current events in France or other French-speaking countries are great topics for oral presentations. · French Culture.

How To Prepare For A French Speaking Exam

If you have a French speaking exam coming up, here are our tips from teachers and ... role play scenarios, short presentations, and questions and answers.

5 Tips To Help You Prepare For The French Oral Exam - Studyclix

On Sunday I studied, studying takes up a lot of my free time at the moment..." Mindmapping out possible links between conversation topics can be worthwhile.

ORAL Exam - Higher French - Studyclix

Get French Oral notes and videos. Listen to Aural exams. Find Past papers, the French syllabus, marking schemes and notes all listed by topic.


You will be given 30 minutes for preparation and the oral exam will last for 20 ... When you can connect your ideas to the French news, it is even better.

VCE French Oral Exams 2021 - Mordialloc College

27 okt. 2021 ... The first section consisted of general conversation in which students talked about their lives for 7 minutes (i.e. topics and sub-topics ...

French | Subject Content | Themes - AQA

Topic 1: Me, my family and friends · Topic 2: Technology in everyday life · Topic 3: Free-time activities · Topic 4: Customs and festivals in French-speaking&n...