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FIELD STUDY 2 Learning Episode 7 (Making On-line or Virtual Learning Environment Safe and Conductive) NOTICE. Unlike the traditional face-to-face classroom, online or virtual environment is a bit difficult to manage. It is because Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is imaginary and not in the physical sense.

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FS2 Episode 7- MORAL.docx 5 Newly Uploaded Documents What is the most abundant class of plasma protein a Globulin b Albumin c document 8 What type of play is Romeo and Juliet a Comedy b History cTragedy 2 Why did document 6 Blood in the blood agar medium Blood acts as an enrichment ingredient for the document 2

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View FS 2 Learning Episode 7.docx from ME 123 at College of Accounting & Management Sciences. FS 2 FIELD STUDY Learning Episode 7 Making On-line or Virtual Learning Environment Safe and ... At least I need to get 9 of 10 correct answers. Please help. Item 1 In the case below, the original source material is given along with a sample of student ...

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My Tools Score the Resource Teacher every time he/she demonstrates any of the following questioning behaviors. Sample is shown in item #1. Questioning Behavior Tally of Use Frequency 1. Varying types of questions e.g. IIII 5 2. Asking non - directive questions 3. Calling non - volunteers 4.

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Give appropriate feedbacks to their answer. 7. Make follow up questions. 8. Encourage them verbally and non-verbally. I should not: 1. Ignore students' idea/s. 2. Focus on low level questions which could hinder their critical thinking development. 3. Discourage leaners by saying "wrong" but instead, choose an appropriate term. 4.

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Field Study 1-Episode 3-Focus on Gender, Needs, Strengths, Interests, Experiences Language, Race, Culture, Religion, Socio-economic Status, Difficult Circumstances, and Indigenous Peoples. Field Study 1-Episode 1. Module 4 - Human Condition (TTHS) Reaction Paper for Administration and Supervision. 405507444 PART IV developmental plan docx.

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Field study 2 episode 7 with answers Field study 2 episode 1 to 7 Anonymous "Describe how the teacher began her lesson..." 16 2 Describe how the teacher began her lesson. Why do you think did she do that? Was this answer helpful? Yes | No Comment Reply Report This answer closely relates to: Fs2 episode 6 on lesson development

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Step2 Describe each of the learners based on your observations. Step 3 Validate your observation by interviewing the learners. Step 4 Compare them in terms of their interests and needs. f FS 1 [THE LEARNER'S DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENT] My Tools Use the activity form provided for you to document your observations.


21 mrt. 2022 ... E-Portfolio in FS E-P 2 In partial fulfillment of the Requirement in ... Learning Episode 7: Establishing my Own Classroom Routines and ...

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5Field Study 2 Experiencing the Teaching Learning Process FS 2 Episode 1 Principles of Learning ..7 FS 2 Episode 2 Lesson Objective as My Guiding Star 16 FS ...

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Feb 12, 2019 - FS 7 Episode 7: Preparing My IM's Prepared by: Ms. JAMAICA OLAZO Want to ask a copy on this, just reach me on my fb account: ...

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8 dagen geleden ... EPISODE 7 | FS2. 2 views Jul 26, 2022 … ...more ...more. Show less. 0. Dislike. Share. Save. Shaira Mae Solleza Zaldivar.

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EPISODE 7 Foundations of Curriculum Development Activity 1 Complete the timelines by indicating the ... Fs 2-Episode 1 (Obe)_principles of Teaching (1).

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Read this essay on Fs 2 Episode 4-7. ... Field Study 3 Episode 5 : Paper Works (Hand-outs Use) ... Able to answer the WH questions2.

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write evidence of the application of some guiding principles in the selection and use of teaching strategies. I will observe at least 3. Resource Teachers,.


Episode 7. ON SCORING RUBRICS. FS. Name ABRERA, ABULAR, ALOC, BRAGA, BANA, ILAN, CARRASCAL, CARDEL, ... FS. Questions from the audience are answered. 2.

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Read FS 3Technology in the Learning Environment - EPISODE 7 from the story ... It's a type of quiz show were in a student has to answer the question by ...