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100 General Knowledge Questions And Answers About History

General Knowledge Questions and Answers about History 1. Who formed France on October 4, 1958, under the Fifth Republic's Constitution? Charles de Gaulle 2. What is the date of acquisition of sovereignty of Cameroon? 1 January 1960 3.

100 History General Knowledge Quiz Questions And Answers

History General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers 1. What killed the Roman Empire? Invasions by Barbarian tribes 2. Who won the Turner Prize in 1992? Grenville Davey (Sculpture) 3. In 1790, The U.S. Congress moves from which city to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? New York

Top 50 History General Knowledge Questions And Answers

History General Knowledge Questions on Mughal Empire 1. What was the period of Mughal Empire rule in India? Show Answer 2. Who was the founder of the Mughal Empire? Show Answer 3. In which battle Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodhi? Show Answer 4. In which battle Babur defeated Rana Sanga of Mewar? Show Answer 5.

History General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions And Answers

Answer: Archeologists. History General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions and Answers Part 4 61) What was the social life that the Cro-Magnons had? Answer: Greater interest in family life. Families joined together and formed clans. 62) What was the early history of Egypt? Answer: From 5000 B.C. to 3400 B.C., no clear history is available.

History General Knowledge Questions And Answers

Today, I am giving important Indian History General Knowledge Questions and answers to competitive exams through this blog, which you must read. However, being Indian, we should have a little knowledge of Indian history. I can surely say that the following History General Knowledge Questions will help cover many questions in your exam.

23 Basic American History Questions Most Americans Get Wrong

Correct: The Battle of Antietam. While there were at least 4,414 confirmed allied deaths on D-Day, that doesn't compare to the number of lives lost on September 17, 1862, during the Battle of Antietam. Right outside of Sharpsburg, Maryland, the brutal Civil War battle resulted in nearly 23,000 American casualties. 12.

100 World History Quiz Questions And Answers - TEW

Top 100 World History General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Part 1. 1) The father of History: Answer: Herodotus. 2) The period of unrecorded history is known as: Answer: Pre Historic Age. 3) The Chinese ruler who built the Great Wall of China: Answer: Qin Shi Huang.

World History GK Questions And Answer (50+ Questions) - GkGigs

World History General Knowledge Questions and Answers are always asked in competitive exams like UPSC, NDA, CDS, SSC, Railways, State PSC, and several other competitive exams. These GK questions can be very helpful for exam preparation, interviews, and online test. Practice and read as much as you can, Wish you a bright future ahead.

Basic History Questions And Answers | MCQ Objective Quiz

Basic Questions and Answers on History 1. The largest known site of the Harappan Culture in India is ………………………. .. . (A) Farrnana (B) Rakhigarhi (C) Lothal (D) Kalibangan 2. The famous megalithic site 'Mahurjhari' is located in (A) Karnataka (B) Andhra Pradesh (C) Maharashtra (D) Goa 3.

World History - General Knowledge Questions & Answers

1 . The Oldest civilization of the world is …………………….. View Answer Workspace Report 2 . Rome was founded in …………. View Answer Workspace Report 3 . The First World war began in which year ? View Answer Workspace Report 4 . The Opium war id held between which two countries ? View Answer Workspace Report 5 . The 'Chinese Revolution' take place in

1000+ GK Questions & Answers On Indian History -

Check below 1000+ important questions and answers on Indian History including Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History. Indian History plays an important role in all competitive examinations and these...

Top 100+ Basic General Knowledge Questions And Answers

General Knowledge Questions And Answers 1. Who was the first women prime minister of India? a) Indira Gandhi b) Pratibha Gandhi c) Sumitra Gandhi d) Sonia Gandhi Show Answer 2. What is the total number of characters in the Hindi alphabet? a) 62 b) 42 c) 52 d) 50 Show Answer 3. Which is the largest state in India? a) Maharashtra b) Rajasthan

30 History Quiz Questions To Test Your General Knowledge ...

Questions 1. What did the Romans call Scotland? 2. Who was made Lord Mayor of London In 1397, 1398, 1406 And 1419? 3. Who was Henry VIIIs last wife? 4. Who was the youngest British Prime Minister?...

5999+ Basic General Knowledge (GK) Questions And Answers MCQ

1980-2018 General knowledge questions and answers for all competitive exams like UPSC, Bank PO, CDS, CMAT, SSC CGL etc. In this section you can learn and practice gk questions on history, geography, politics, economy, culture, sports, inventions, physics, chemistry, biology, famous personalities and many more

Ultimate British History Quiz: 89 Questions & Answers - BeeLoved City

Round 3: British History - True or False - Answers. Elizabeth I was the last monarch of the Tudor Dynasty. True. David Cameron served longer as Prime Minister than Tony Blair. False. Winston Churchill was against the D-Day landings. True. Stonehenge was built in several stages. True.

Top 145 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers 2022

Q. Convection, Frontal and Relief are the three main types of clouds, rainfall, or winds? Answer: Rainfall. Q. Can you name the legendary Benedictine monk who invented champagne? Answer: Dom Perignon. Q. Which actress has won the most Oscars? Answer: Katherine Hepburn (4 Oscars and 12 nominations) Q.

10 Fun History Trivia Questions

Playing a fast-paced game of trivia question and answers_ is a fun way to spend an evening with family and friends.

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Computer History Questions And Answers

Questions and answers regarding computers, computer hardware and computer software.

100 History Trivia Question With Answers | Reader's Digest

Think you know a thing or two about the past? Put your smarts to the test with these history trivia questions. RD.COM Knowledge, getty images (2) There seems to be trivia fo...

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Questions and Answers about folic acid, neural tube defects, folate, food fortification, and blood folate concentration. Genes – genes are parts of DNA and carry hereditary inform...