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How To Answer True-False-Not Given Questions In IELTS Reading

Just to remind you here that the answer is Yes if the statement agrees with the writer's views and it´s a No if it contradicts it. Not Given is when "it is impossible to say what the writer thinks about this"; in other words: insufficient evidence. Read the relevant part of the text below. So, 23? The answer is YES. But is it 25?

IELTS Reading: 5 Easy Steps To Solve True, False, Not Given Questions

5-step solving strategy for IELTS Reading True, False, Not Given Questions STEP I: Identify keywords in the statement STEP II: Identify similar words in the passage STEP III: Match the keywords and the similar words STEP IV: Evaluate if they are same, synonyms, opposites or if there's no match

IELTS Reading True False Not Given: Essential Tips

Spend time analysing the statement in the question before you try to find the answer Many words will be paraphrased so watch out for that (for example, work = employment / changing = altering) Don't match just key words, you are aiming to match meaning.

IELTS Reading - True, False, Not Given Tips And Strategy

If you can't find the answer, mark it as 'not given' and move on to the next question. If you are really unsure or can't find the answer, mark it as 'not given'. Watch a recording of my True, False, Not given lesson I hope you found this article on True, False Not Given IELTS questions useful.

IELTS Reading Practice | True False Not Given | IELTSTutors

Are the following statements True, False or Not Given, Select TRUE if a statement agrees with the information in the text. Select FALSE if a statement disagrees with the information in the text. Select NOT GIVEN if there is no information given about this in the text. Answer True, False or Not Given Our Answer Guide

True False Not Given: IELTS Reading Practice Lessons

True = the statement matches the information in the passage. False = the statement contradicts the information in the passage. Not Given = the information is not found in the passage. The Thames Tunnel was the first tunnel ever built under a river. The Thames Tunnel was the Eighth Wonder of the World.

True/False/Not Given & Yes/No/Not Given | IDP Canada

When answering this type of question, you should ask yourself if the person's opinion on the subject is true, false, or not given. If it is true, you can answer 'Yes', and if it is false, you can answer with 'No'. T/F/NG and Y/N/NG vs Candidates Even though the question type is different, the strategy for answering them is the same.

IELTS True False Not Given Reading Questions

If it does it is true. If not, it is obviously false or not given. The important point is that if you can say 100% from what you are given in the text that the statement you have been given is not true, then it is 'false'.

True False Not Given IELTS Reading Questions

True False Not Given questions are commonly used in all 3 Reading Passage in the IELTS test. The basic principle is simple. The answer is True: if the statement is the same as the text (you have to find synonyms that say the same thing as the statements)

IELTS Reading Test: True, False And Not Given Explained

A closer look at True, False, Not given ; True, False, Not given: Locating and identifying specific information ; Step 1: Read the question first and underline key information; Step 2: Scan the text for key words ; Statement 1: Read carefully and decide on your answer; Statement 2: Read carefully and decide on your answer

Tips For Answering True/False Questions On Standardized Tests

Standardized Test Taking Tips for True/False Questions: Don't skim over true/false questions. Carefully read every word of the question, keeping in mind that the tiniest detail can affect the answer. Pay attention to negative words and prefixes (such as un, non, etc.) that impact the meaning of a statement.

IELTS Reading: True / False / Not Given - IELTS Blog

Not Given means that there is no information or it is impossible to know. Try a True / False / Not Given exercise Here's an example. First read the text. Then answer the three questions below. Children under 12 cannot leave the camp without an adult. a. True b. False c. Not Given Children aged 11 go to bed at 9.30 on Friday evenings. a. True b.

IELTS True False Not Given Reading Lesson - IELTS Buddy

Here are some example IELTS True False Not Given statements with answers: Chiles come from South America - True People began eating Chiles in the last few centuries - F alse South Americans were the first people to start eating Chiles - Not Given Number one is clearly true. Notice the use of the synonym 'come from ' used instead of ' originates '.

PDF TASK T YPE 2 Identifying Information: True/False/Not Given TASK TYPE 1 ...

1 the burrunan dolphin was given its name by australian aborigines. 2 both of the recently discovered populations of dolphins were found near urban areas. 3 the common bottlenose and the indo-pacific bottlenose are difficult to tell apart. 4 scientists using dna evidence immediately realised that the burrunan was a previously unidentified … Reading task_0.pdf

Strategies For True False Exams - Complete Test Preparation Inc.

Tips and Suggestions 1. The first thing you need to do is watch for those little words that will tip you in the right direction. Certain keywords can make a seemingly true statement false and a false statement true. If you see the following keywords in your true-false statement, then the statement will probably be false: - All - Only - Always

IELTS Reading Tips: True, False, Not Given | IELTS-Blog

First learn the rule: If the statement clearly appears in the text - it is True. If the text clearly says the opposite of the statement - it is False. If you didn't find the statement to be either True or False - it is Not Given. For example: "Smoking is dangerous and can lead to cancer" - T, F, NG. 1) If the text clearly says ...

How To Notice Paraphrased Sentences To Help You Answer 'TRUE / FALSE ...

The first step to find the right answer to this question is to read it and underline the key words (the main words that communicate the meaning of the question). I suggest you do this in the exam too. So you may underline these words: Gold was the most valuable material transported along the Silk Road.

64 True Or False Questions With Answers - Ponly

1. Queen Elizabeth the 1 st was the daughter of King Henry the 8 th of England. A: True. 2. Vitamin C is also known by the chemical name of Ascorbic Acid. A: True. 3. The Nobel prize-winning novel 'The Old Man and the Sea' was written by the American author John Steinbeck. A: False.


TRUE, FALSE, NOT GIVEN - IELTS Reading Exercise 1 Read the text and answer the questions below. The largest thing in the universe More than ten years ago, while taking the temperature of the universe, astronomers found something odd. They discovered that a patch of sky, spanning the width of 20 moons, was unusually cold.


Questions repeat key words from sentences. If question contains information NOT stated in the text, it has "Not Given" answer. Answering strategy : Read the first passage. Look up for answers for the first few questions. If you found an answer - read the whole sentence carefully, and only then answer the question.

Study Skills: True/False Test Preparation Tips And Strategies

True/False Test Taking Strategies. Although most students prefer true and false questions, these types of questions can be tricky. The following strategies will enhance your ability to answer true/false questions correctly: Approach each statement as if it were true. Approach each statement as if it were true and then determine if any part of ...

Tips For True, False, Cannot Say Verbal Reasoning Questions

Tips for true, false, cannot say questions As well as those below, check out our full article on tips and tricks for verbal reasoning tests. 1) Identify the facts in the text As you read through the passage of text, make notes on what you do or do not know. It can be easier to take the facts out of the body of text to see them more clearly.

True/False Questions: Getting Them Right - ELearning Industry

It is recommended to use no less than 75 true/false questions in a test. In addition, you should keep the following guidelines in mind: State your questions as clearly and unambiguously as possible. Keep your questions short and to the point. Never try to cover multiple ideas or notions with a single true/false question.

How To Tackle IELTS Reading Questions Yes/No/Not Given

Skim and scan the reading passages to find the words that are or relate to the proper nouns, nouns or adjectives in the question statements. Tackle the statement questions that have proper nouns in the statements first, as this information is easier to find through scanning. (You can learn how to skim and scan here.)

True/false Questions - Assessment - Research Guides At Camosun College ...

In a traditional true/false question, students are asked to judge whether a factual statement is either true or false. True/false questions are best suited to assessing surface level knowledge, but can be crafted to assess higher order thinking. Like multiple choice, students can process and respond to true/false quickly, allowing the test ...

150+ Best True Or False Quiz Questions [2021 Edition]

Correct answer: False. A debit card allows you to spend money by drawing on funds in your bank account, while a credit card allows you to spend money by borrowing from the card issuer up to a certain limit. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Correct answer: True.

Using True Or False Questions For Student Engagement In Your Course

True or false questions provide a way to quickly test knowledge and inspire critical thinking without the effort (or perceived effort) of other question formats. [1]There are variations that instructors use, including asking the student to correct a false statement or explain their answer, to make the questions more effective for assessment.

Rules In Constructing True-False Tests - ELCOMBLUS

Here are some rules of thumb in constructing true-false items. Rule 1: Do not give a hint (inadvertently) in the body of the question. Example: The Philippines gained its independence in 1898 and therefore celebrated its centennial year in 2000. Obviously, the answer is FALSE because 100 years from 1898 is not 2000 but 1998.

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