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How To Answer "What Are You Wearing?" : AskMen

How to answer "What are you wearing?" I (woman) am seeing someone who occasionally asks me by text what I am wearing. I know he's inviting me to flirt and be a little sexy, but I'm never sure how to respond. The truth (eg jeans and a hoody) is rarely sexy, but I don't think he's asking for pure fantasy either.

What Are You Wearing? Adjectives + Clothes Woodward English

Answer these questions according to the picture above: What am I wearing? You are wearing an orange shirt, green trousers or green pants, and brown shoes. What are you wearing? I'm wearing a light blue shirt, a purple suit, a yellow tie, and brown shoes. What is she wearing? She is wearing an orange shirt, a pink dress, pink socks, and black shoes.

How To Respond To The "What Are You Wearing? Question

Recently, I have been asked by several different people the question, "What are you wearing?" Normally it is followed up with a, "You smell really good!" and I'll laugh and say thank you it's ____ and go about my day.

When You Get A "what Are You Wearing?" Text, What Is A Good Answer For ...

Best answer for a girl to give a guy: "I just applied lotion to my whole body, so all I have is a hand towel until it soaks in." 1 level 2 [deleted] · 7 yr. ago Nothing says uptight prick like a tailored Navy two piece suit. 2 Continue this thread level 1 · 7 yr. ago hello kitty panties that are way too small for me. 1 level 2 · 7 yr. ago

What Are Some Funny/clever Responses To When A Guy Asks "what Are You ...

What am I wearing? Well, how about I ask you what you're wearing for a change? - he describes - Oh my God, that's exactly what I'm wearing too! Let's meet up and go out on the town! We can be match'ies and everyone will know we're together! What? You don't want others to know we're a couple? Is there something wrong with me?

How Do You Answer "what Are You Wearing?" : Fragrance

4711 Aqua Colonia Blood Orange and Basil: A garden in squeezes into glass of delicious refresher - Bright and joyful blood orange meets garden fresh basil. She shrugs off any rumours or accusations of being a crystal witch. I'm just a very talented artist, she said. Oh, but that Monsoon season proves otherwise.

What Would Be The Best Answer For "What Are You Wearing?"

Sort by: best. Nothing on but the radio. What you are wearing.... A shirt and pants. Somebody else's skin. Your vagina on my penis in 5 minutes. Clothes, obviously! A smile to hide my depression...

When You Are All Flirty And He Sends The "what Are You Wearing?" Text

Ladies there are two ways to go about this. First, you tell a little white lie. Amp it up by telling him you are wearing a red lace panty and a matching bra. Or tell him you are wearing nothing but...

What Does It Mean "what Are You Wearing?" ? (12 Answers)

Answer #6 What are you wearing under your clothes. Kind of underwear. They are just flirting. Answer #7 Lol yeah their trying to kinda chat you up, imagining you in what your wearing. Answer #8 ^^^thats true :) so... what you wearing? lol Answer #9 It means they are thinking about you being naked. Answer #10

30 Best Responses When Someone Asks "What Are You Doing"

27 "I'm doing what you said to do.". This is good to use when someone doesn't remember giving you certain instructions, and you want to let him/her know that you were doing as instructed. 28 "I'll explain in a second.". This is good to use when you're busy and can't respond immediately.

Art Exhibit Powerfully Answers The Question 'What Were You Wearing ...

The outfits include a bikini, a young boy's yellow collared shirt, a sexy red dress and a T-shirt and jeans. A photo of the art exhibit "What Were You Wearing?" at the University of Kansas. The art project was created in 2013 by Jen Brockman, the director of KU's Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center, and Dr. Mary A. Wyandt-Hiebert ...

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Originally Answered: What are you wearing right now? Right now I am wearing White embroidery Salwar Suit like this below…. I am away from my home…I post the further details after reaching back from tour by coming Saturday…. … (more) 64 13 Emily M Lives in South Africa (2009-present) Author has 70 answers and 13.3K answer views May 15 you like?

He Said To Me, "What Are You Wearing?" Change Into Indirect Speech ...

1 Answer. Indirect Speech: He asked me what I was wearing. Explanation: When the reporting verb is in the past (said) and the direct speech is in the present continuous tense, then the indirect (reported) speech will change into the past continuous tense. Present Continuous Tense > Past Continuous Tense. And if the sentence is interrogative, we ...

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What Are You Wearing - Answers BACK TO WOF APP CATEGORIES 1 Select # of words Select number of word that appear in puzzle to filter. Please note hyphenated words count as 1 word. The ampersand (&) should count as its own word. 2 WORDS 3 WORDS 4 WORDS 2 Enter # of letters Enter number of letters in some or all of the words to filter.

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This quiz is incomplete! To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Preview (5 questions) Show answers Question 1

What Does It Mean When A Guy Asks What You're Wearing?

Tell him what are u wearing and how the hem of your dress shows a little thigh. Describe how your shirt is just a tad too little and the buttons on your shirt opens so he can peep in. Give him that visual tease he wants. It's a way to excite your significant other and to add to the conversation when you're a million miles away from home.

What Are You Wearing? | English Quiz - Quizizz

answer choices. She's wearing trouseres and a t-shirt. She's wearing a coat and trousers. She's wearing a dress. She's wearing a hat and shorts. Tags: Question 9. SURVEY. 30 seconds.

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What Are You Wearing - Wheel Of Fortune Answer

How to Use This Wheel of Fortune Cheat Answers. 1. Please select the proper wheel categories for the phrase. 2. Put in the letters that you have into the filter box.

You Are What You Wear: A Conversation Lesson | Ricardo Barros Elt

How so? Elicit answers from the whole group and focus on whether they think people's clothes can have a positive/negative effect on their careers. Now show them the image below and ask students if they are familiar with the show. You can either ask students these questions in an open discussion or get them together in pairs/trios.

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