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How To Answer "Where Are You From?" - ABroad Purpose

Where are you from? "The United Kingdom." He said. And I replied, "Me, too." Obviously, our conversation ensued because he had a thick Scottish accent and mine was non-existent, but we each shared a bit of our journey. How I got to England and how he got to Maine. But we were relating, finding things in common, sharing a passion and our story.

How Do You Respond When People Ask, 'Where Are You From?'

And yet the question "where are you from?" is just as complicated for me to answer. Or rather, my initial reply — "I'm from California"— never seems to satisfy the strangers asking. Their mouths...

7 Totally Reasonable And Appropriate Responses To "Where Are You From ...

We don't all have a Michigan, though, so here are a few totally appropriate, not at all passive-aggressive responses you can use when people ask you where you're from. These are all pop culture inspired. You have been warned. 1. "I'm from another dimension." Giphy 2. "I'm from this timeline! I swear! You have iPhones in the past - I mean, now. Now.

Where Are You From - Here's The Meaning & Usage (All Variations)

When people ask, "where are you from," there are two main ways you can answer them. The first is to tell them where you came from in your life. That could mean either your country or town of origin. Generally, people ask "where are you from" when it's clear you're not from the same place as them.

How To Respond To Where Are You From - Refinery29

"As people frequently ask me where I'm from, I will usually reply first with 'New York City.' But inevitably, people follow up with "But where are you froOoOom ?' I assume that they don't have any...

Tackling The 'where Are You From Originally?' Question

The way I see it, I can answer 'where are you from' in three ways: Say London. If probed, give the back-story. Say London. If probed, feign ignorance and doggedly repeat that I'm from London. Say London but volunteer the back-story as that's probably what they're after anyway.

Word Choice - "Where Are You From?" Answer - English Language Learners ...

Here are some typical responses: "I'm from here." + [any of the sentences you provided]. "I'm from here. I've lived here my whole life." "I'm from here. I was born here in Bankok, and I've lived here my whole life." "I was born here, and have lived here my whole/entire life."

The Best Answer To The "where Are You From?" Question That People ...

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'Where Are You Really From?' How To Navigate This Question Of Race And ...

Accept the answer you're given and move on if the question is unwelcome Pay attention to what the person is telling you, taking into account their body language, too. While their answer might not be what you were hoping for, you'll be respecting their wishes and their privacy.

Interviewing - How To Answer "where Do You Live" Question - The ...

I wonder where you live that such a question would be illegal, as well as why it would be, but this is not relevant to OPs question. To answer the question: i would reply along the lines of "I live within X miles of this location, and will be travelling by car".

What's Wrong With Asking "Where Are You From?"

For instance, following-up the question with, "Oh, of course" or "Yes, you do look like you're from [country]" can force people into neat categories of race, gender, or nationality, without...

Where Are You From? Let's Rephrase The Question

The next time you encounter someone and reflexively want to ask where they are from, try a different tactic. Start by asking about their family heritage. Inquire about where they grew up or where they currently live. In turn, share your family heritage and the like. And finally, ask yourself why you are curious about a person.

How To Answer Where Are You From Question

How to Answer "Where Else Are You Interviewing?" What is the correct answer to "where are you from"? The correct answer is not: "You just ended a sentence with a preposition." That's a true statement, but completely nonresponsive. Completely impertinent - a trivial sideshow distraction, and one that is, in fact false.

How To Respond To "Where Are You?" As The Only Question

My solution was fairly simple: respond with a question. Whenever he would ask "Where are you now?" I would respond with "Why do you ask?". I would use a friendly, interested tone of voice, nothing even remotely approaching upset or annoyed.

How To Answer The Question "How Are You?" |

In both cases, it is essential to stay polite when you greet them. Therefore, the answer should be short. Here are some appropriate answers you could use when someone asks how you're doing: Good: "Good" is the most common answer to the question "How are you?". It is polite and cheerful. Well or very well: This answer is the most ...

'Where Are You From?' Is A Complicated Question. This Is How Young ...

Finally, individuals can interpret the "where from" question in temporally different ways. For some, the answer is timeless ("Australia!"). For others, it's connected with memories and embraces the...

10 Alternatives To 'Where Are You From?' | Multicultural Kid Blogs

It implies the person asking the question wants to hear the little monologue they are about to give you. It implies you are interested in them beyond just the passport. The story might be fun, sad, long or short but it is always interesting, unique and worth listening to. 5.

My 10 Ways To Answer The Question "Where Are You From?"

3. No roads. I'm from a city that's something of a laughingstock due to the miserable condition of the roads. Foreigners don't always believe pictures of Volgograd roads. Some of them look so bad it's impossible to believe anyone can drive on them. Here are some words to describe potholes: яма, канава, выбоина, дыра.

On Being Asked, 'Where Are You From?' - The Atlantic

However, as a traveler, it's basically the first question you ask people when you meet them, along with where they were before you met, what they've seen, and where they're going. Names are...

The Problem With Asking "Where Are You From?"

Where did you live before you moved here?". When we as people of color are asked that question, it sounds different because it is different. The assumption behind the question is that America, the South, this state is a state of people "like us.". There is an assumption that America is of, by, and for white people.

My Least Favourite Question: Where Are You From? - The Guardian

When you tell people where you are from, they will often try to relate to you by telling you about when they last visited your country/state/city. My typical one-liner response when people prod me ...

How To Answer "Where Else Are You Interviewing?"

The hiring manager may be asking this tough interview question to try to get a sense for how many similar positions are open right now. That can impact the economics of the offer - in your favor, or in favor of the company. 3. To get a sense for your popularity.

6 Best Ways To Answer The Question "How Are You?"

The question 'how are you?' enables the respondent to steer whichever question to the direction they wish to make the exchange. If another person asks this question, they try to get your attention and gauge whether you are ready to share their topics with them.

How To Answer The Interview Question: "Who Are You?"

You can start your answer by stating your past experiences and successes, followed by your professional abilities. Consider finishing your answer by summarizing your current employment and what you're looking for in a future job. 7. Practice your answer In order to become comfortable and familiar with your answer, consider rehearsing your script.

How To Make Clear To People I Don't Want To Answer Their "Where Are You ...

Many of the people who ask you this are doing so in an effort to make small talk. Small talk is not question-and-answer, so direct, complete, factual answers to questions are often worse than vague statements as long as they leave large openings for continued conversation. Ideally, your canned answer would leave an opening like this.

How To Answer The Question "How Are You?" | Go Natural English

How are you?" (very positive) "Good, thanks, and you?" (positive - this is the most common answer) "Fine, thanks. How are you?" (a little less positive - I'm okay) Your answer will depend on the person who is asking, and how well you know them. 2. "Hi, Boss, how are you?". If you are in a business situation, you might be ...

Question: How Do You Answer A Discuss Question - WhatisAny

A discussion question that is truly great is challenging and inspires students to think critically and respond with well thought out answers. These questions are a framework for creating prompts that encourage inquiry, challenge students to think bigger and connect the classroom to real world ideas and events.

"Where Are You From?" In Italian: The Only Guide You Need

Option 1: "Di dove sei?". The first option you have for asking "where are you from?" in Italian is the following: "(Tu) di dove sei?". (Note that "sei" is the second person singular of the verb "essere" that means to be). However, this is only for informal situations. In a formal context, you need to replace the pronoun ...

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