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Chinese words for answer include 回答, 答案, 解答, 答, 应答, 答复, 响应, 作答, 应对 and 复. Find more Chinese words at!

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How to Say "Answer" in Chinese? #1 Noun (answer, dá'àn, 答案) This is not the answer I want. Zhè bùshì wǒ xiǎng yào de dá'àn. 这不是我想要的答案。 Neither answer is correct. Liǎngge dá'àn dōu bùduì. 两个答案都不对。 How to say answer in Chinese? Actually the answer is very simple. Qíshí dá'àn hěn jiǎndān. 其实答案很简单。 Nobody knows the answer to that question.

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Learn how to pronounce ''Answer'' (答案) in Mandarin Chinese with this short pronunciation video

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Translation of answer - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary answer noun [ C ] uk / ˈɑːn.sə r/ us / ˈæn.sɚ / answer noun [C] (REACTION) A1 a reaction to a question, letter, phone call, etc. 回答;作答;答應;答覆;答案 The minister promised to give a written answer to the MP's detailed question. 對於議員提出的那個涉及很多細節的問題,部長答應給予書面答覆。

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Learn to say and write - answer - in Mandarin Chinese with AUDIO, PINYIN and HANZI.

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English Translation answer reply huídá 回 huí 答 dá Next word Example sentences in Chinese 我不知道怎么回答你的问题。 I don't know how to answer your question. 他上课的时候经常回答问题,非常活跃。 你为什么跟一块木头似的,问你什么都不回答。 可以,但是我不想回答。 You can, but I don't want to answer. 狮子回答:是我先来的,是我吃这些猴子。 The lion answered: I came first, I will eat these monkeys. 欢迎 回答 机场

Chinese Conversation: How To Answer A Phone Call?

In China, the most common telephone opener is "喂 ( wéi )," which is similar to "Hi!" or "Hello!" It's a quick way to respond, and it's easy to remember because it rhymes with "hey." Examples: Wéi, nín hǎo! Wǒ shì Jennifer. 喂,您好! 我是Jennifer。 Hello. This is Jennifer speaking. Wéi, nǐ hǎo, qǐng wèn Jié Kè zài ma? 喂,你好,请问杰克在吗?

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The classic way to answer the phone in Mandarin Chinese is "喂 (wéi)." ... Lastly, the English "bye bye" has been translated phonetically into Chinese as an easy way to say goodbye over the phone. It sounds more similar to how we say it in English than the Chinese 4th tone pronunciation.

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A: 对不起! 我迟到了。 duì bù qǐ! wǒ chí dào le. Sorry! I'm late. B: 没关系。 méi guān xì. It doesn't matter. 不要紧。 bù yào jǐn. It's not a big deal. Example: A: 抱歉! 我不能送你去机场。 bào qiàn! wǒ bù néng sòng nǐ qù jī chǎng. Sorry! I can't send you to the airport. B:不要紧。 bù yào jǐn. It's not a big deal. 别放在心上。 bié fàng zài xīn shàng. Don't dwell on it. Example: A: 非常抱歉!

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"the answer" in Chinese: 生命的答案 "there is no answer" in Chinese: 没有应答 "answer; reply; answer back" in Chinese: 对答 "no answer is also answer" in Chinese: 不回答也是一种回答 "a solution" in Chinese: 从未准时的解决方案 "a-solution" in Chinese: 素仙露; solution.html

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Responding to Chinese questions When you're responding, you can follow one of the simple formats below. Just insert the appropriate information in the brackets. When you talk about your date of birth, you have to do so from year to month to date. For example: " wǒ de chū shēng rì qī shì 1984 nián 4 yuè 5 rì (我 的 出 生 日 期 是 1984 年 4 月 5 日 。

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对 (duì), which means "right" or "correct," is another common way to say "yes" in Chinese. It's very similar to 是 (shì), and in many cases the two can be used interchangeably. In general, if a question contains 对 (duì), the response is more likely to be 对 (duì), while if the question contains 是 (shì), the response is likely to be 是 (shì).

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How to say answer in Chinese. Easily find the right translation for answer from English to Chinese submitted and enhanced by our users. Show translation: Translate: Related word/phrases: Last entry: Help us! Translation of "answer" in Chinese? Original language: English .

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Chinese Translation of "answer" | The official Collins English-Chinese Dictionary online. Over 100,000 Chinese translations of English words and phrases.

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Depending on what you are trying to say it can be different. 中国人 or zhong guo ren means a Chinese person. 中国的 or zhong guo de means originating from China. And finally, 中文 or zhong ...'Chinese'_in_Chinese

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欢乐时光/Huānlè shíguāng. Q: How to say happy hour in Chinese? Write your answer...

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Well, Chinese interrogative words mean the same as they do for English: who, what, when, where, why, and how. By knowing basic Chinese interrogatives, you'll be able to express your questions, even without an extensive vocabulary. For example, say you're at a store and you want find a digital camera that you like.

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The easiest way to form a question in Chinese - yes/no questions to be more specific - is to simply attach the particle ma (吗) to the end of a statement. Here are a few examples of statements and how they become yes/no questions with the addition of 吗: 1. You are a student. 你是学生.

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If you want to know how to say answer in Chinese Traditional, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Chinese Traditional better. Here is the translation and the Chinese Traditional word for answer: 回答 [huídá] Edit. Answer in all languages. Dictionary Entries near answer. anonymous; anorak ...

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The Easiest Way to Say Hello in Chinese It is written as 你好 / nǐ hǎo. The literal translation is "you ok/good," but this is the easiest way to say "hello" in Chinese. Although both words in Pinyin are marked as third tone (nǐ hǎo), the pronunciation changes a bit because two consecutive third tones occur back to back.

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Xiao is a unisex Chinese name and has many meanings including 'dawn, morning', 'little' or 'respectful, reverent'. What is the meaning of Ren? Ren (Chinese: 仁, meaning "co-humanity" or "humaneness") is the Confucian virtue denoting the good quality of a virtuous human when being altruistic.

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As some answers mentioned above, “我” is a common word to say “I”. However, there also exist other words and expressions, such as “本人” ”兹“(law)“朕”(emperors ...

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There're correct answers to this question. I'll add something emotionally than semantically. The simplest thing to say love to someone is to share your food ...

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In English: “I come from China.” Answer Pattern #2. In Chinese: 我从[上海]来。 Pinyin: Wǒ cóng [Shàng hǎi] lái. In ...

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How to Tell the Time in Mandarin Chinese – An Overview ... time is it” in Chinese, but if you want to give a complete answer, you can start by saying 现在 ...

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answer the question in Chinese : 回答问题…. click for more detailed Chinese translation, meaning, pronunciation and example sentences. the question.html

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26 apr. 2017 ... Mandarin does not have specific words for saying “yes” and “no.” Instead, the verb which is used in the Mandarin question is used to make a ...

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5 jan. 2014 ... How do you say “yes” or “no” in Mandarin Chinese? Unfortunately sometimes simple questions have complex answers, and in this case something ...

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How to say Answer in Mandarin Chinese? Learn how is Answer written in simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, the pronunciation of the characters and ...

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7 feb. 2022 ... 2. 不是 (bù shì) is defined as “to not be,” and when used as an answer, either 是 (shì) or 不是 (bù ...

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21 jan. 2019 ... Answering with a "yes" or "no" in Chinese isn't the same way we answer in Latin-based languages. Here's our how-to guide for Chinese Ye...