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IB French Oral Phrases STUDY PLAY au sommet at the top en bas at the bottom au centre in the middle à l'arrière plan in the background voici here is sur le côte droit on the right hand side sur le côte gauche on the left hand side prés de next to derrière behind dans in sur on sous under à l'intérieur de indoors à l'extérieur de outdoors le but

Useful Phrases IB SL French B Oral Exam Flashcards | Quizlet

Useful Phrases IB SL French B Oral Exam STUDY Flashcards Learn Write Spell Test PLAY Match Gravity Created by vishmayaa_jey Terms in this set (20) Je vous concède que I grant you that Je suis convaincu que I am convinced that On va trop loin en disant que It goes too far in saying that Par ailleurs Also Il n'a pas été démontré que

My Top 10 Expressions And Phrases For IB French

I found that I could adapt these expressions to any written or oral examination, giving me a foundation on which I could express my ideas while using a high-quality of language. ... Shawki Al Assadi February 12, 2016 ib languages, how to do well in ib languages, ib french b ab initio sl, how to learn a language for ib, ib french, ib french sl ...

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French IB oral prep Flashcard Maker: Isabella Biggs. 52 Cards - 7 Decks - 18 Learners ... Sample Decks: Helpful Phrases for the French Oral Examination Show Class French 20-9 20 IB. French 20-9 20 IB Flashcard Maker: Anuj Krishnan. 80 Cards - 4 Decks - 2 Learners

IB French Exam - What To Expect And How To Pass It - Kwiziq French

IB French Paper 1 Paper 1 of the IB is an external assessment that lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes for SL and 1.5 hours for HL. It will test your written or productive skills and will make up 25% of your overall marks. There will be 3 different tasks, each based on a different theme but you only need to answer one.

5 Fundamental Skills For Acing Your French Oral Exam

5 Fundamental Skills for Acing Your French Oral Exam 1. Auditory Comprehension Answer the right questions. Tune up your ears with authentic resources. 2. Pronunciation Watch your mouth! Practice your pucker with these resources. 3. Foundation of Essential Words Master the French Inquisition with this question word chart.

Thematic Questions For The IB French Language B Oral Speaking Exam

This can count as oral work. 4a. This can then be forwarded to another student who must give a verbal reaction to the response, perhaps giving an opposing point of view. 5. Give a question from the category of your choice and ask the students to write an argumentative essay that includes opposing points fo view.

IB French Oral Exam : IBO -

In terms of learning phrases, I would try and memorise grammar demos that can be used in pretty much any situation (i.e. subjunctive phrases). Best of luck for the exam! You'll do great :) Even if it doesn't go as well as you would hope, its only a small portion of your final grade, so you can't fail based off of this one exam.

Ace Your IB French IA (Oral Expression) | IB Blog | ++ Tutors

How to Ace Your French IA. The IB curriculum for language B is structurally the same for all levels (AB, SL, HL ) however the assessments differ. The curriculum is structured around specific themes that allow students to engage with the target language through reading written texts, audio -visual stimuli, written and oral expressions.

IB French B Oral SL - YouTube

Une vidéo qui vous explique la structure de l'oral avec des conseils pour réussir cette épreuve.

French Ab Initio Individual Oral Tips + Sample Recordings

Heya people! I thought I should share some tips for Individual Oral ! Strategies you can use to describe pictures in French. The single picture is mainly a test of vocabulary and of how well you can string a series of sentences together. Have a good look at the picture and think of all the things you can say; don't worry about the thing you don ...

PDF LC French - Key Phrases For Oral & Writing - Microsoft

LC French - Key Phrases for Oral & Writing Mon/ma ____ préféré(e) est… My favourite ___ is… We get on well together Nous nous entendons bien Sans aucun doute Without a doubt I feel… Je me sens… LC French - Key Phrases for Oral & Writing Si je gagnais [imparfait]au Lotto, j'achèterais un(e) [conditionnel] If I won the lotto, I would buy a…

French Oral Exam: Improve Your Vocabulary With 10 Words Only ... - YouTube

French oral exam - How to avoid those 10 Vocabulary mistakes in French. During French oral exams you want to make sure to use the right French vocabulary. In...

Ib French Oral Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers

Thematic Questions for the IB French Language B Oral Speaking Exam by Larazet Languages 6 $4.95 PDF You will find over 350 questions on a wide variety of sub categories related to these five overarching themes: · Experiences· Human ingenuity· Identity· Sharing the planet· Social organizations All questions are open-ended. french oral

All Things IB (Blog) - IB Solved: Grade 7 Notes, Tutoring And Assessments

In my opinion, the oral was the most apprehensive exam I encountered during my time in the IB. This was namely because I felt that it would be impossible to sit in front of my French teacher and simply speak to her in a foreign language. However, there are several tips to take into account when preparing for, and taking the French oral exam.

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