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Linux MCQ Questions And Answers [PDF] - ITI Portal

Linux MCQ questions and answers of OS, commands, operating system for interview, viva and exams objective and multiple choice questions basic mcqs.

Linux Operating System MCQ With Answers PDF - MCQsLearn

MCQs on Linux Operating System Quiz · 1. The system structure of the Linux is. Microsoft Windows. UNIX. Window Vista · 2. In Linux a user can load or upload. I/O ...

Linux Operating System MCQ With Answers PDF - Computer Basics ...

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Linux Operating System quiz answers PDF to practice computer basics career test to learn online certificate courses.

100+ Linux Administration MCQ, Quiz Questions And Answers Pdf - 1

Linux Basic Commands, Operating System, Administration, Trouble Shooting, Unix, Shell, File System, Commands Quiz, MCQs, Multiple Choice, Objective Type, ...

Top 50 Linux MCQs (Multiple-Choice Questions And Answers)

1. Who founded Linux Kernel? · 2. What is the core of the Linux operating system? · 3. Which is/are the directories that come under the Binary directory? · 4. ...

Operating System MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) - Javatpoint

1) Which of the following is not an operating system? Windows; Linux; Oracle; DOS. Show Answer Workspace.

219+ Linux MCQ Test And Online Quiz - MCQPoint

Linux MCQ · 1. Linux is a · 2. Who developed Linux? · 3. What command is used to remove the directory? · 4. What does GNU stand for? · 5. What co...

Linux OS MCQ Question With Answer | PDF Download | 2022| Page 1

Linux OS MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

Question Which Is Linux Operating System Mcq - Android Consejos

18 mei 2022 ... This set of Operating System Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Basics”. Explanation: An Operating System acts as an ...

Linux Objective Questions Answers MCQ 2020 Download Practice Set

If you want to get answers to Linux mcqs & linux mcq questions then you have come to the right ... 7)Which one shows the name of the operating system ?