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Theme 3: Reputation. Concern for reputation is a theme that looms large over most of the events in The Crucible. Though actions are often motivated by fear and desires for power and revenge, they are also propped up by underlying worries about how a loss of reputation will negatively affect characters' lives.

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The Crucible deals heavily with the idea of deceit, and as the events of the play unfold, it is clear that dishonesty is both a cause and a product of the witch trials. In the very first scene ...

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Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. Intolerance. The Crucible is set in a theocratic society, in which the church and the state are one, and the religion is a strict, austere form of Protestantism known as Puritanism. Because of the theocratic nature of the society, moral laws and state laws are one and the same: sin and the status of an individual ...

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My expectation is that all of my students take full advantage of this opportunity to improve their average. -2- ANTICIPATION GUIDE FOR THE CRUCIBLE True or False: _____ 1. The truth and right always prevail. _____ 2. It is possible for human beings who appear to be agreeable and normal to be knowingly and fully committed to evil. ______ 3.

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Hysteria Theme Analysis. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Crucible, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. In The Crucible, neighbors suddenly turn on each other and accuse people they've known for years of practicing witchcraft and devil-worship. The town of Salem falls into mass hysteria, a condition ...

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In the space below, list examples from Acts One, Two, and Three of the evidence that was used. 5. Miller uses different kinds of irony in his play to emphasize the senselessness of the accusations and trials. In situational irony, a discrepancy takes place between what is expected or appropriate to happen and what actually does happen.

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Judgement in The Crucible encompasses three meanings; the legal, personal, and spiritual. The legal judgement in the play is depicted as superficial - mainly illustrated through the characters of Hathorne and Danforth, the theocratical Salem court does not carry out real justice due to its dogmatic focus on its reputation.

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A Play, a Book, a Movie. "The Crucible" is a story which centers around many conflicts. These conflicts are not just about characters fighting between themselves. Instead, the characters are clashing with their own ideals, among themselves and within the entire community. Each character has his or her own battle to contend with, and this ...

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He decides not to sign his confession. Quote and explanation to support why she/he changedher/his mind 1. Explain why you think that Arthur Miller had his characters make the choices they did in the space provided below. 2. Did John Proctor reach the right decision at the end of the play? 3.

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Explain why you think that Arthur Miller had his characters make the choices they did in the space provided below. 2. Did John Proctor reach the right decision at the end of the play? 3. If Proctor had made a different decision at the end of the play, what effect would it have had? Which ending would be more effective? Why? - 16 -

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"The Crucible": Act Two Set in Proctor's home, the act begins by showing the daily life of John and Elizabeth. The protagonist has returned from seeding his farmland. Here, their dialogue reveals that the couple is still coping with tension and frustration relative to John's affair with Abigail. Elizabeth cannot yet trust her husband.

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List three possible themes in The Crucible. Write your answers in the spaces provided. 1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 3.

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I have explained the answer below. Sol. 1) There have been quite a few changes to the people and the situation in the town since the arrests and hangings. We learn that Reverend Hale, who had been a respected official of the court and a prime witness, has been barred from the proceedings.

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1 - Testimony taken down in writing under oath 2 - Imperceptible 1 - Extremely subtle 2 - Deferentially 1 - In a manner of showing respect and esteem due to a superior or elder 2 - Ipso Facto 1 - Latin for "by the fact itself" 2 - Probity 1 - Honesty, integrity 2 - Callously 1 - Feeling or showing no emotion 2 - Incredulously

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Montag, Faber, and Beatty's struggle revolves around the tension between knowledge and ignorance. The fireman's duty is to destroy knowledge and promote ignorance in order to equalize the population and promote sameness. Montag's encounters with Clarisse, the old woman, and Faber ignite in him the spark of doubt about this approach.

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They can help give a definitive answer in determining guilt . Evidence could be DNA or objects from the scene of the crime whiles eyewitness give possible explanations for the actions during the crime. They can help give a definitive answer in determining guilt. 2. Consider the idea of a confession.

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Write your answers in the spaces provided. Metaphor Meaning Proctor: "a funeral marches round your heart." EX: sadness and grief have overtaken your spirit Elizabeth: "the magistrate sits in your heart." EX: your own conscience judges you and is the cause of your guilt Proctor: "I will curse her hotter than the oldest cinder." The Crucible Packet 17-18.doc

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Themes and Colors LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Outsiders, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Divided Communities Ponyboy stands in the middle of two major conflicts: the conflict between the Socs and greasers, and the conflict between Ponyboy and Darry within the Curtis family.

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There are many different types of sources, which can be divided into three categories: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary sources are often considered the most credible in terms of providing evidence for your argument, as they give you direct evidence of what you are researching.

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Please submit your case study as a Word document (.doc or .docx). Submit any images (including charts, tables and diagrams) separately as high-resolution .jpg / .tif / .png / .pdf / .eps files (we will not accept gif files). Do not embed images in the text. Use colour if possible as these images will be published online as provided.

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• One prompt addresses the opportunity that the people of Salem had to publicly air long-standing jealousy and accuse neighbors whom they disliked. • The second prompt notes the possible reasons for Parris's outrage and concern over Betty's illness. The last two prompts question students' impressions of the Putnams and

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In preparation for the assignment, students read and analyze The Crucible and practice the skills needed to complete the assessment, such as Activity 2.9, which has students study the diction and figurative language of the Puritan culture and then put it into practice in the narrative writing prompt: "Write an original scene between two ...

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• I use this as an introduction to our studying The Crucible. • The activity includes fundamental information about McCarthyism and a brief . discussion of how Miller created The Crucible, a play about Salem's witch trials . as an allegory for America in the early 1950s. • Included are 25 possible research topics from which students can ...

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Browse our Free Essay examples and check out our Writing tools to get your assignments done. Writing Tool ... Unit 9 2.1.Explain the Importance of Reflective Practice in Continuously Improving the Quality of Service Provided. What Makes Me Happy; ... 202.3.2 Describe the Risks and Possible Consequences for Children and Young People Using the ...

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1 Directions: We are asking for your assistance in clanfying the benefits of using the PASS book as a supplementary text. 1 Afier using the PASS book with your students, please respond to all the statements in the space provided; use additional sheets if needed. Check the appropriate response using the scale below.

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17 sep. 2018 ... Writing Task: Choose a major character from The Crucible, and using the ... keeping a copy of your answers in your The Crucible notebook.

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Arthur Miller started The Crucible with a "Note on Historical Accuracy" because he didn't want people trying to learn the history of the Salem Witch Trials ...

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13 okt. 1996 ... An artist's answer to politics. ... a film of a Hitler speech, hoping to give them a sense of the Nazi period in which my play took place.

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Such were the conditions in American when Miller wrote The Crucible, a play ... The Crucible explores this theme in the context of the Salem witch trials.

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When I was writing an introduction to The Crucible , I asked Arthur if ... initial response was the three-act adaptation of Ibsen's An Enemy of.

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12 jun. 2021 ... What Is Symbolism? Why did Arthur Miller choose to name his play The Crucible? The name, like much of the content of the play, is a symbol with ...

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Elizabeth is his wife, dignified and devout. Proctor is swept into the conflict of the witch trials because, before the events of the play, he has had an ...

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Results 1 - 24 of 1200+ ... Students sometimes struggle with writing paragraphs that adequately analyze a work of literature. This worksheet provides students with a ... analysis the crucible

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29 sep. 2015 ... As we mention in “In a Nutshell”, The Crucible is a parable that tells the tale of a similar “witch hunt” that went down in author Arthur ...

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Your response should take the form of a well-constructed essay of 400–450 words. (2–2½ pages). [25]. QUESTION 15: THE CRUCIBLE – CONTEXTUAL QUESTION.