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Macroeconomics Multiple Choice Questions 1. Which one of the following is the objective of fiscal policy? A. achieve full employment. B. stabilize the price level. C. maintain equilibrium in the Balance of Payments. D. all of the above Answer: D.all of the above 2. An economy is at equilibrium output when A. Y = C + I + G+ NX B. Y = AD + C + G + NX

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Answer Key Links After Each 5th MCQ. Question 01. Microeconomics is the study of a single unit or a single firm whereas the macroeconomics is.. (a). The study of national economy as whole. (b). The study of regional economy as whole. (c). International economics.

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MCQs Class 12 Economics With Answers PDF Download Answer Answer: False The current account of the Balance of Payments account also records unilateral transfers along with exports and imports of goods and services. Foreign investments are recorded in the capital account of Balance of Payments.

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Macroeconomics is concerned with the study of how households and firms make decisions and how they interact in specific markets. View Answer Which of the following is not a topic studied in...

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Macroeconomics Solved MCQs (1) With whom National Income dividing to obtained per capita income……….. a) Subsidies b) Employment Taxes c) Indirect Taxes d) Direct Taxes e) None of these Answer - Click Here: (2) If an import is greater the export then….. a) Brain Drain b) Budget surplus c) Trade surplus d) Trade deficit e) Markup ratio

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Macroeconomics MCQ Questions and Answers: Macroeconomics is the study of the behavior and performance of an economy as a whole. macroeconomics mainly focuses on the aggregate changes in the economy such as unemployment, growth rate, gross domestic product, inflation, etc.

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MCQs set with answer for Macroeconomics, Theories and Policies. Are you searching of degree courses and your subject Macroeconomics, Theories and Policies exam based on MCQ? If yes! You can practice top multiple choice question with answer for better marks. Oh This is absolutely free and dedicated on aidlo mcq portal.

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Governments that raise taxes so high that it increases the cost of doing business and, hence, raises prices. Governments that print too much money Increases in the price of inputs, such as labor and oil None of the above Macroeconomics [ch 16] Macroeconomics [ch 16] Money and prices in the long run

Macroeconomics, Theories And Policies 2 Solved MCQs direct relationship between the quantity of money and price level. 4. Relationship between changes in the interest rates and bond pricesCodes : a. i and iii are correct. B. i and iv are correct. c. ii and iii are correct. d. iii and iv are correct. Discussion.

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300+ TOP Microeconomics MCQs and Answers Quiz [Latest] Microeconomics Multiple Choice Questions 1. A consumer reaches the point of equilibrium when; A. MRSxy>Px/Py B. MRSxy < Px/Py C. MRSxy=Px/Py D. MRSxy=Px/Py=MU/TU Answer: C.MRSxy=Px/Py 2. A consumer will start buying less of good- X and more of Good-Y, when A. MUx/Px = MUm

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(A) lowers, raises (B) raises, lowers (C) lowers, lowers (D) raises, raises 2. A businessman opportunity should be accepted if it has _____ net present value. (A) zero (B) positive (C) negative (D) constant 3. In a monopolistic competition, a business obtains its maximum-profit position where (A) MR > MC (B) MR < MC (C) MR = MC (D) MR + MC = 1

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Answer - Click Here: D (3) In which year great depression hit the US….. a) 1928. b) 1949. c) 1929. d) 1935. e) 2001. Answer - Click Here: C ... Read More MCQs on Macro-economics. SET 1: Macroeconomic MCQs; SET 2: Macroeconomic MCQs; SET 3: Macroeconomic MCQs; SET 4: Macroeconomic MCQs; SET 5: Macroeconomic MCQs;

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MCQs on Economics : 1. What do you mean by the supply of goods? (A) Stock available for sale (B) Total stock in the warehouse (C) The actual production of the good (D) Quantity of the good offered for sale at a particular price per unit of time Answer 2. What do you mean by under conditions of perfect competition in the product market? (A) MRP=VMP

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CBSE Class 12 Economics Macroeconomics MCQs with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for Class 12 Economics with answers have been prepared as per the latest syllabus, NCERT books and examination pattern suggested in Standard 12 by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Multiple Choice Questions are an important part of Term 1 and Term 2 exams for Grade 12 Economics and if practiced ...

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Economics MCQs. 1) When aggregate supply exceeds aggregate demand: (A) Business inventory accumulates. (B) Unemployment exists. (C) Price of consumer goods rise. (D) People save more than they intended to save. View Answer. Answer: Option A. 2) 'Coal' is considered as a:

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Macroeconomics - Open Economy - MCQs with answers. 1) Which among the following could be said to be an 'Open Economy'? a) A nation that follows the doctrine of Free-market and Laissez-faire economics. b) A nation that trades with other nations in goods and services and financial assets. c) An economy that operates without government intervention.

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Below is a list of multiple-choice questions and answers on Introduction to Macroeconomics to help students understand the topic better. Which of the following is defined as the study of individual units in an economy? Microeconomics Macroeconomics Income and employment theory None of the above Answer: b

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The answer is: (A) One Hundred . A Directorate General of Training and Research is established under section? (A) 30A (B) 30B (C) 30C (D) 30D. The answer is: (C) 30C . ... Economics MCQs Economics and Finance Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers for Test Preparation. Basic Economics Questions including MCQs from Past Test Papers.

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Multiple Choice Questions Part 4: Saving, Investment and the Financial System; Multiple Choice Questions Part 5: The Monetary System ; Multiple Choice Questions Part 6: Money Growth and Inflation; Multiple Choice Questions Part 7: Open-Economy Macroeconomics: Concepts; Multiple Choice Questions Part 8: Open-Economy Macroeconomics: Theory ...

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Question 1. Capital, land, labour, and entrepreneur are the factors of production. Answer. Question 2. The expenses which raise productive capacity are known as investment expenditure. Answer. Question 3. The domestic country may sell goods to the rest of the world. It is called imports.

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Principles of Economics and Management Multiple Choice Questions. 1. Demand for a commodity refers to: A. Need for the commodity. B. Desire for the commodity. C. Amount of the commodity demanded at a particular price and at a particular time.

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Fundamentals of Macroeconomics - MCQs with answers - Part I · ANSWER: a) Adam Smith · ANSWER: a) Adam Smith · ANSWER: b) John Maynard Keynes · ANSWER: b...

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Part I – Multiple-Choice Questions (40 points). Answer this part by marking your answer on the multiple choice. response sheet. No credit will be given to ...

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Get MCQ Questions for Class 12-commerce Macroeconomics for chapters like National Income Accounting, Money and Banking & more. Sign up today to get access ...

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Economics MCQ Questions and answers with easy and logical explanations. Commerce provides you all type of quantitative and competitive aptitude mcq ...

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Economics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for General Studies and GK preparation of SSC, NDA, CDS, UPSC, UPPSC and State PSC Examinations.

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24 apr. 2022 ... More than 95,000 Economics Multiple Choice Questions - MCQs with Answer Keys. Unique Features: 1) Practice More than 95,000 Economics ...

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16 feb. 2022 ... Home Economics MCQs with Answer| Home Science MCQs with Answer| Solved MCQs| Testorials#homeeconomics #homeeconomicsmcqs #homesciencemcq ...

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Economics : [1,500 multiple-choice questions with answers]. Imprint: New York : Regents Pub. Co., [1964]; Physical description: 153 p. : diagrs. ; 22 cm.