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"Sell Me This Pen": How To Answer This Interview Question

Here are a few helpful tips to craft a well-thought-out response to this interview question: Be positive. An important part of answering "sell me this pen" is to be positive. An interviewer wants to see how you react to sudden changes. Try to maintain an enthusiastic attitude to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are calm under pressure.

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Tips for Answering to "Sell Me This Pen" In The Wolf of Wall Street, DiCaprio sits at a diner with his friends and asks one to sell him his pen. The friend takes it, then asks DiCaprio to write something down on a napkin, to which he responds that he doesn't have a pen. "See? Supply and demand." Boom. Pen sold.

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Sell Me This Pen Wrong Answer #1 Early in the movie, Jordan Belfort asks his friend to sell him a pen. The friend says, "Write your name down on that napkin." "I don't have a pen," says Belfort. " Exactly, supply and demand. " Clever. Also wrong. Sell Me This Pen Wrong Answer #2 At the end of the movie, Belfort asks students to sell him a pen.

How To Answer "Sell Me This Pen" (With Sample Answers)

How to answer "Sell me this pen"? 1. Ask questions to understand your customer 2. Know how to create demand 3. Talk about customer satisfaction 4. Create a positive impression of your product 5. Focus on long-term relations 6. Know what you are selling How NOT to answer "Sell me this pen"? "Sell me this pen" sample answers

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In a famous scene in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio's character tells a salesperson, "Sell me this pen." The salesperson immediately takes the pen from DiCaprio and then asks him to write his name down—which is impossible to do without any sort of writing utensil.

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CEO: Do me a favor, sell me this pen. (reaches across to hand me the pen) Me: (I slowly roll the pen between my index and thumb fingers.) When was the last time you used a pen? CEO: This morning....

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So when a salesperson is asked to "sell me this pen," typically they will respond with one of the following approaches. The first approach is value-based, meaning they will focus on creating interest in the benefits of the pen. "This pen has refillable ink cartridges, so you'll never need to buy a new one."

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Staring eye-to-eye, Belfort pulls an object from his pocket and leans over to make a firm request: "sell me this pen." The reply that comes back does not please him. So he moves to the next person, trying again. The truth is, "sell me this pen" is a trick question. If you jump right into following the command, you fail.

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So go ahead and sell me this pen. How many of us have come across this question during an interview? And how many of us have actually failed to come up with a quirky answer instantly? While this question may not be a make or break one, it makes a lot of sense to get a brief idea around how to answer this question correctly! In this blog post we will look at precisely that, so if you are ...

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How to Answer "Sell Me This Pen" at a Job Interview You might be asked to sell the interviewer a pen, a pencil, a stapler, an apple, or some other everyday object. As with other hypothetical questions, there will be no right answer , but the employer will be interested in the sales process that you follow, your verbal communication skills , and ...

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Common Pitfalls for Your Answer One huge mistake that many people make is replicating The Wolf of Wall Street answer. In the scene that popularized the question, Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Jordan Belfort, pulls a pen from his coat and says, "Sell me this pen." His friend says, "Why don't you write me something down on this napkin over there?"

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And here are some examples of answers to the "Sell me this pen" question that you might want to avoid. "I don't sell pens. I'd rather not participate in this exercise." "This is the most beautiful, functional pen ever, with its lovely design and ground-breaking features." "If you use a cheap Bic pen, you look like a loser.

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The solution to the "sell me this pen" dilemma, if we can call it that, basically boils down to this: ask sales discovery questions before you start pitching. Improve your team's email response time by 42.5% With EmailAnalytics 35-50% of sales go to the first-responding vendor. Following up within an hour increases your chances of success by 7x.

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How to answer "Sell me this pen" In the movie, Leo's buddy asks Leo to write down his name - creating a need for the pen. A simple approach, then, is to ask questions to understand what someone cares about that might require a pen, and reveal or create the need for the pen. Sample questions to ask your interview Are they single?

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Step 2: Create features that fill your interviewer's needs. Once you figure out your interviewer's wants and needs, it's time to build a feature around them. This way, you won't have a hard time selling the pen because it's something that your interviewer specifically wants and needs.

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When preparing for "sell me this pen," here are seven ways to answer the right way. 1. Focus on the customer's needs Whether it's an interview for a sales or marketing position, it's always crucial to focus on the customer. Get into their head and think about what they need and desire most.

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Keep your answer relevant to the pen, the person you're trying to sell it to and the overall usefulness it has to them. You want to build a picture of why the interviewer needs the pen. 6. Close the deal Hand back the pen, and close that deal. This is the most important part, and it needs to be paired with a strong concluding point.

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There is no single right answer to this kind of question, but there are right ways to answer this job interview question. The two biggest mistakes that interviewees make when answering this question are: Replicating the Wolf of Wall Street scene. The scene where Jordan Belfort asks his friend to sell him a pen is one of the most memorable in ...

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Merry Christmas! Sell me this pen is a trick question for an interviewer to ask a potential sales associate to see if they really know the basics of selling. The correct answer comes down to one ...

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Sell anything with this two-step sales trick. It's a classic pair of scenes. Leonardo DiCaprio, playing former stockbroker Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street, takes a pen ou...

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Discover the secret to acing this question -- and your sales interview. All of HubSpot’s marketing, sales CRM, customer service, CMS, and operations software on one platform. Marke...

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