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Sample Answer: "I am going to attend [xxx] University to start my PhD program in computer science. I chose this university because it is very active in the field of [xxx]. It has highly qualified professors in that field, including my supervisor, Dr. [xxx]. She is a Harvard graduate and has completed her post doc at MIT.

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A successful US visa interview requires preparation, just like with your US university application and the other parts of the visa application process. To prepare, you can practice answering your F-1 visa interview questions. If studying in the United States is your goal, then preparing for F-1 student visa interview questions and answers will ...

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US Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers, Part 1: College & University In this part, the visa officer is going to ask you questions about the college or university you have applied to. Please note those are just example questions, but they will help you to get prepared.

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US F1 visa interview questions and answers 2021: Why did you choose this University? In your response, show the interviewer that you have researched the University well and explain why it is the best choice to study your major.

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The most common F1 visa interview questions are the following: Why are you going to the United States? What will you specialize in for your degree? What will be your major? The interviewer will ask you these questions one by one. This is just a 'warm-up' for the questions to come.

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Passing your Visa interview is an important step prior to the final confirmation of the Student Visa. We have aided your preparation by giving you our guide on Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Student Visa Interview. Getting approval for most countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, U.K, and the USA takes some time ...

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A: Answer accordingly. Q: Do you have any family member in the USA? A: No. Q: Where do you currently stay? A: Tell your current address. Q: Who do you stay with currently? A: With my parents. Q: Where will you stay in USA? A: Tell the address of USA where you are planning to stay. Q: Who will pay for your trip to the U.S.? A: My parents Q.

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A: "My son/daughter went to US in month and year." Q: What work do you do and where? A: Give the correct answer. If you are retired, say so. Q: What is your job profile? A: Give job details, responsibilities etc. Q: How much do you earn/ What is your annual income? A: Give true answer and details.

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Here I have shared student visa interview questions and most suitable answers to create your good image that will definitely get you passed. 1 - Why the other country and not Pakistan? You must not say anything bad or political about Pakistan. Say that you love Pakistan but the educational standards of Pakistan are not as good as their country.

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Common financial questions and answers Listed below are the common US F1 visa interview questions the visa interviewer may ask you about your financial status. Q. How do you plan to fund your education in the US? Explain how you plan to cover your tuition fees and living expenses while you are enrolled at a university in the US.

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Interview Prep Tips. Before we get into the types of questions you should expect as an international student, let's go over a few things that you need to keep in mind when preparing for your interview. Be honest. Research. Rehearse. Prepare. It's important that you are honest and genuine in your answers. Think of the interview as a ...

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That is completely normal, be yourself, be respectful, do your best and good luck! Why did you select to study in the U.S.? What institutions did you apply to? Why did you select this/these institutions? Is this your first time going to the U.S.? Tell me more about the institution you selected? Did you do TOEFL/GRE/IELTS what are the scores?

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The f1 visa questions best answer to give is for you to answer accordingly, don't lie. Sample Answer: Yes I got accepted to all the universities. No, I did not get accepted to all the universities. 7. Which schools rejected you and why?

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1 Common Questions Asked in Visa Interview For US 1.1 1. Why are you travelling to the United States? 1.2 2. What is the duration of your stay in the United States? 1.3 3. Where will you be staying in the USA? 1.4 4. Where do you put up in India? 1.5 5. How are your expenses going to get covered? 1.6 6.

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Most questions will be about the purpose of your visit and your business plans. Some of the questions that you can get are: Why do you want to travel to the USA? What company do you work for? What do you do? What is your annual income? Have you ever visited any other country? Can I see your Business/visiting card? How many children do you have?

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The following questions are ones you can expect in the part of relatives and family members: Do you have brothers and sisters? If yes, how many? Are any of them living in the United States or do you have any other relatives who live in the United States? Does your mother/father work? If they don't, what do they do for a living?

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Sample US Student Visa Interview Ques-tions and Answers - F1 Visa Interview Questions with Answer Tips: There is no standard for this. Every interviewer is unique. So there re no set questions the in-terviewer might ask. However, the intent of the interview is a simple one. And that is to understand your intent. Sample US Student Visa ...

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Here are some sample questions asked for B1 visa in Visa interview: What is the name of the organization you work for? What position do you hold there? How long have you been with them? How much is your annual salary? Why are you attending this conference/meeting? What is your marital status? How old is your marriage (if applicable)?

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In this video, we will demonstrate a sample mock interview for the USA F1 Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers. If you require any additional information, you can email your queries to...

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A. Answer honestly. Q. How much do you earn in your current company? A. Answer exactly whatever mentioned in your pay check. Q. Will you come back from USA and Why? A. You should prepare well for this question. You will have to convince the consulate officer that you will come back. Q . Which country have you traveled before?

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This research is about US student visa interview questions and answers. It's an eye opener into what happens during a student visa interview session. I interviewed student visa applicants from 136 ...

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Q: When your son/daughter went to the US for the first time, what visa did they enter on? A: Answer truthfully. Q: How much does your son/daughter earn per year? A: $xx,xxx per year. Be prepared to show financial documents such as an employment letter, pay stubs, and income tax returns to support this. Q: Where does your son/daughter work?

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Tips to Answers the question: Visa officers basically want to verify the financial capability of the sponsors. You are advised to go through the income tax returns (ITR), and supporting documents of your sponsors carefully. Have a good idea of the income source of your father, mother, and any other person who is sponsoring you.

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To answer such questions you must recollect and revise the SOP and university essays that you have submitted. You should also know in detail about the history, the state and location, the faculty and facilities of the university you are admitted to. Some sample F1 visa interview questions: Ques 1.

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In this video, I explained the approach to US F-1 Visa interview questions, how to answer correctly. Tips on how to successfully get the US F-1 visa, importa...

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First, you should be honest. This is critical. Telling a lie to a consular officer can result in an automatic denial of your visa application. (Making a false statement to receive an immigration benefit is a bar to getting a green card.) Second, in reality you cannot actually pass or fail an interview.

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Answer is Yes/No and briefly mention the purpose of your earlier travel, if required. You won't be asked much of the details of your past travel, however, if you have traveled earlier, use it to your advantage to stress your intentions of coming back to the native country. Where will you be working/studying?

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Questions marked with '*****' are generally asked to try and trap the applicant. Be wary of these questions. 1. What course are you applying for? Why? Answer to the point. For 'why' you can answer as one of the following: I am passionate about that *subject* and want to gain more knowledge in it.

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The kind of bog-standard question that you might expect in an interview when applying for a job in retail, yet when it comes to working as a fitness instructor, helping clients navigate the gym and offering expert advice is just part and parcel of your daily routine. 17+ Target Interview Questions & Answers 2022. 1. Tell us what you know about ...

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