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Bar Exam Results By Jurisdiction - NCBE

The table below lists percentage pass rates for the February 2022 bar exam as reported by each jurisdiction following release of their exam results. Jurisdiction announcements, when available, are accessible by clicking on the jurisdiction name. The prior two administrations' results (February and July 2021) are shown further below .

The Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) | National Conference Of Bar Examiners

NCBE scores the MBE component of the UBE. Jurisdictions grade the MEE and MPT components. The MEE and MPT scores are scaled to the MBE, and UBE total scores are calculated by NCBE. The MBE is weighted 50%, the MEE 30%, and the MPT 20%. UBE total scores are reported on a 400-point scale.

The Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) | National Conference Of Bar Examiners

Kentucky and Texas will begin administering the UBE in February 2021 with a minimum passing score of 266 and 270, respectively, and Oklahoma will begin administering the UBE in July 2021 with a minimum passing score of 264. UBE Scores Earned and Transferred by Jurisdiction in 2019

Bar Exam Pass Rate By State - LawSchooli

Bar Exam Pass Rate By State Unsurprisingly, California has the lowest passage rate (44.42%) by a wide margin. Take even a great in-state school like UCLA and only 86% percent of students are passing on their first try. That gives you an idea of how hard the CA bar is. Although no one is close to CA, 15 states had passage rates below 60%.

Bar Exam Pass Rates By State For 2020 - Quimbee

California Bar Exam Pass Rates. February 2019: 31%. July 2019: 50%. Minimum passing score score: 1390. To find out more about the California bar exam, check out the state's full statistics, as well as Quimbee's California overview page.

UBE® Passing Scores By State - Kaplan Test Prep

Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) passing scores vary state by state. The UBE has been adopted by 41 jurisdictions (states), including the District of Columbia, and the US Virgin Islands—and offers candidates a portable score, meaning that they can seek admission to the bar using their UBE results in any of the participating jurisdictions.

Uniform Bar Examination - NCBE

The Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) is coordinated by NCBE and is composed of the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE), two Multistate Performance Test (MPT) tasks, and the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE). It is uniformly administered, graded, and scored by user jurisdictions and results in a portable score that can be transferred to other UBE jurisdictions. Find out how to prepare and register ...

Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) | Complete, Ultimate Guide | 2022

Crushendo's Ultimate Guide | 50+ UBE Tips. Uniform Bar Exam Prep, Jurisdictions, Format, Essay Topics, Schedule, Dates, Scores, Pass Rates, Compare Top Courses. ... Uniform Bar Exam Pass Rates. July 2021 (46,866 takers) Overall Pass Rate: 64%. First-Time Pass Rate: 77%. Repeat Pass Rate: 22%. View detailed statistics.

Understanding The Bar Exam Curve And Your Percentile Rank - BARBRI

Depending on your bar exam state, the bar exam pass rate is typically between 60% and 80%. That means that 20-40% of people who sit for that bar exam do not pass. As you watch your percentile rank, your goal is to be approximately in the 30th-40th percentile or higher in each subject as you progress in your studies.

Ohio Bar Exam Pass Rate: 54.3% - Court News Ohio

Ohio Bar Exam Pass Rate: 54.3% Staff Report | April 30. 2021 Of the 361 aspiring lawyers who sat for the latest Ohio Bar Examination, 54.3% passed the test, the Ohio Supreme Court announced today. The passing rate was the highest for a February exam since 2016 and was the state's first full use of the Uniform Bar Exam.

What Is The Easiest Bar Exam To Pass In The U.S.?

It's easier to compare UBE states alone as they have a uniform exam. If you're taking the Kansas or Montana exam, for example, you need 266 points out of 400 to pass. You need 270 points if you're in Utah. However, Missouri has one of the highest pass rates at 86.30% under its UBE system, not covering state-specific law. Recent Pass Rates Per State

Texas Bar Exam 2022 | Dates, Cost, Subjects | UWorld Legal

Texas administers the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). The minimum UBE total score required to be licensed in Texas is 270, reported on a 400-point scale. The Texas Bar Examination has three parts, weighted as follows to calculate a UBE total score: Multistate Performance Test (MPT) = 20% Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) = 30%

What Is A Bar-Exam Pass Rate? | States With Highest & Lowest Rates

Below are some of the states with the lowest bar-exam passage rates, meaning passing the exam in these states may require your best effort and then some. California — 44 percent pass rate There is a unanimous agreement that taking the bar exam in California is the toughest.

The Bar Exam Pass Rate: Your Full Guide

The overall bar passage rate for all jurisdictions after the 2020 administrations was approximately 61% (37,161 test-takers passing out of 60,770 total test-takers). This means that slightly over half of the test-takers passed their exam, but 39% of test-takers will need to retake their jurisdiction's bar exam.

Bar Exam Pass Rates - BarMax

Most bar review courses keep their pass rates confidential. A few publish them, but only after manipulating the numbers. They're afraid that specific students will bring down their overall average, so they exclude their scores. This artificially inflates their pass rates. Here's how they manipulate the data.

Bar Exam Pass Rates - Washburn University School Of Law

See the Bar Passage section of the Washburn Law Consumer Information (ABA Required Disclosures) page. Bar Exam. Bar Exam Pass Rates. Bar Exam Requirements. Bar Review Resources. Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) Kansas Uniform Bar Examination Information. Missouri and Other State Bar Exams. Bar Exam Loans.

Introduction - Bar Exam Resources - LibGuides At Georgia State ...

Richard Cabrera, Working to Improve: A Plan of Action for Improving the Bar Exam Pass Rate, 27 WM. MITCHELL L. REV. 1169, 1180 (2000). ... It features comprehensive coverage of the Uniform Bar Exam, including an explanation of each component and how to prepare for it. Every aspect of the process is explained in detail and by example.

Law School Deans Wrestle With Two-Year Drop In Bar Pass Rates

Georgia law school deans said they are trying to figure out why pass rates for the Georgia bar exam dropped for the second year in a row by conducting detailed analyses of July exam score data ...

Bar Exam | University Of Arizona Law

At Arizona Law, students routinely post passage rates well above the state ... a Uniform Bar Exam state, you have more career opportunities after you pass.

Bar Exam Pass Rates - Washburn University School Of Law

Bar pass rates for Washburn Law bar exams takers from July 2007 to date. ... Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) · Kansas Uniform Bar Examination Information ...

Bar Exam Statistics - The Pennsylvania Board Of Law Examiners

Listing of previous bar examination statistics. ... PA Bar Exam UBE Statistics. All files are in PDF format. Click the icon below to download a free copy of ...

Grades Released For February 2022 UBE

8 apr. 2022 ... Scores were released April 8, 2022, for the February 2022 Uniform Bar Examination in Tennessee. The list of applicants passing the exam can ...

UBE® Passing Scores By State - Kaplan Test Prep

21 mrt. 2022 ... Uniform Bar Exam States and Passing Scores. Each jurisdiction not only sets their UBE passing score, but also determines whether an additional ...

Which State Has The Hardest Bar Exam?

We'll cover some particular challenges of this test, state alternatives to the Uniform Bar Exam, passage rates, and how you can prepare for your test date.

VBBE - Exam - Statistics - Virginia Board Of Bar Examiners

Statistics. Pass rate statistics for previous bar exams. Overall Bar Exam Pass Rates. Year, February Exam Pass ...


The passing score for the UBE in New York is 266 on a 400 point scale. An applicant must achieve a score of 266 or higher on the UBE, whether taken in New ...

What Is The Easiest Bar Exam To Pass In The U.S.? - Ehline Law Firm

6 feb. 2022 ... By test difficulty, Alabama, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, North Dakota tie as the easiest (UBE passing score of 260!)

New York Bar Exam Pass Rate Falls After Long Tests (Correct)

28 okt. 2021 ... New York Bar Exam Pass Rate Falls After Long Tests (Correct) ... certain components” of the Uniform Bar Examination, the statement said.