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12+ Ways To Say “Please” And “Thank You” In German

Danke is the most common and simple way to say “thank you” in German. It's an obvious cognate of the English word “thanks”. You can use danke in any situation, ...

How To Say Thank You In German And Go Beyond The Basic “Danke”

How to Say Thank you in German — At a Glance ; Danke. Thank you ; Dankeschön. Thank you very much ; Vielen Dank. Thank you very much (Formal) ; Ich bin dir dankbar.

How Do You Say Thank You In German? 12 Helpful Phrases

7 jun. 2019 ... Informal Ways to Say Thank You in German ; English. German. Pronunciation ; Best of thanks. Besten Dank. BEST-in DAHNK ; I'm thankful to you ( ...

How To Say 'Thank You' In German

19 apr. 2021 ... How to Say 'Thank You' in German · Bitte · Bitte schön / bitte sehr · Gerne / Gern geschehen · Kein Problem · Nichts zu ...

How To Say "Thank You" In German - Rosetta Stone Blog

19 jul. 2019 ... How to Say “Thank You” in German · Rosetta Stone · More videos · More videos on YouTube · Danke is the simple way to say thanks ·...

11 Ways To Say “thank You” In German - The Lingoda Blog

12 mei 2022 ... Looking for other ways to say “Danke” or “thank you” in German? Here are 11 more phrases you can use to express gratitude!

Saying "Thank You" In German -

Answer to "Thanks" (no problem). The typical response to "danke" is: Bitte No problem/ You're welcome.

How To Say Thank You In German |

If you want to express your thanks in a specific way, you can use danke or its variations as part of a longer phrase. In formal situations, use Ihr/Ihre (your).

Thank You In German (With Audio): 19 Ways To Express Gratitude

9 feb. 2021 ... Let's start with the basics. The German word for “Thanks” is Danke. This is probably the most common way to say “Thank you” in German.

How Do You Say Thank You In German? - Alucare

16 uur geleden ... Say thank you in fluent language. The most common and easiest way to say thank you to someone is to say " Danke schön " which means " thank you&nb...