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Yanny Or Laurel? The Science Behind The Audio Version Of The Dress

15 mei 2018 ... Yanny, or Laurel? This audio illusion, which went viral after first appearing on Reddit, has the internet torn.

Yanny And Laurel: We Know What Was Actually Said

16 mei 2018 ... There Is A Right Answer As To What That "Laurel/Yanny" Recording Actually Said And We're Gonna Tell You. Only one can win!

Laurel Or Yanny? What Science Has To Say - CNN

16 mei 2018 ... The Yanny-Laurel debate has fractured the internet. Some people who listen to the audio file hear one thing; others hear another.

Do You Hear Yanny Or Laurel? - Quora

There is no correct answer. The computer generated a sequence of sounds halfway between the two, so everyone's ears and mind has to decide for themselves.

There's Actually A Right Answer To The Laurel Vs. Yanny Question

17 mei 2018 ... For roughly 24 hours, classrooms, offices and the internet have been completely consumed with one question: Laurel or Yanny?

'Yanny Vs Laurel' Science Of Hearing - Miracle-Ear

14 jun. 2021 ... Are you Yanny or Laurel? If you don't know what we're talking about, do a quick internet search and you'll quickly learn about this hearing ...

'Yanny' Or 'Laurel'? Why People Hear Different Things In That Viral ...

16 mei 2018 ... The debate over whether an audio clip says "yanny" or "laurel" is ... To answer this, we consulted experts in how human brains perceive ...

The Yanny-Laurel Debate Has Been Settled Once And For All

25 mei 2018 ... The voice of the Yanny-Laurel audio clip reveals what he was really saying. ... And there ya have it, folks! "Laurel" is the right answer!

Is It 'Yanny' Or 'Laurel'? Or 'Yammy?' - VOA Learning English

16 mei 2018 ... What word do you hear in the audio -- “Yanny” or “Laurel?” The answer, as it turns out, is not so simple. And a four-second recording is ...

The Science Behind The Laurel-Yanny Debate - Donders Wonders

7 jun. 2018 ... The Laurel-Yanny audio clip was first discovered by a high school student ... many scientists have been called upon to answer this question ...